AM Radios

In the US-Beginner server, we built a radio :smile: Thank you so much to everyone who helped!

You can communicate with each other by standing and talking, the text will come out of the receiver in the other city. This allows the 2 villages to communicate with each other long distance and is an amazing feature. If you are there, check it out, send one person to the jungle base and one person to the city and you can talk to each other. The frequencies are short and medium, so if another village has one of those frequencies we can communicate.

However, there is a MAJOR problem that I hope can be fixed. For such an advanced piece of technology, it is EXTREMELY easy to grief, as someone can simply take the Daniel Cells, antennas, and capacitors away from the receivers and transmitters. They take a lot of time and resources to make. There is no way to protect them currently as if you build a wall around them, they are unusable as you need to be one square away to talk into it. Things like an oil well are unbreakable.

I wrote notes explaining what the radios are, how to use them, and saying pls do not touch, but a griefer can destroy it anyway. I have no idea why a griefer would want to destroy such a fun feature, but it already happened once! I happened to find where they hid the Daniel Cell, but that is not reliable long term. Realistically, I think a change has to be made to AM radios. This will make them be used more often, so far I only saw them once in the past year and if they are broken now I will probably just quit until this problem is fixed.

I have 2 ideas for how to fix this and make AM Radios resistant to griefers:

  1. Make them indestructible. When a receiver or transmitter is finished, they can simply be indestructible (the Daniel cells and everything else can’t be removed)

  2. A worse idea in my opinion, but still ok is to make the radius to talk 2 instead of 1 for transmitters, so then you could make a wall around it and still use it.

Radios are an amazing feature and everyone who I saw in that village loved using them. I hope they can become less susceptible to griefing in some update which will make them much more practically useful to build than if they are griefed a few days or even hours after you spent so much time building them.

If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this problem, please write a comment.

I am attaching pictures of the radios too.


Is that Oddity and fox town?

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It’s Oddity and Jungle Base.

If you are in Fox let’s try to communicate, I remember there were some radios there but I forgot if it was spark gap or AM.

The radio has already been griefed. The Daniel Cells were hidden behind trees, luckily we found them. We also had to search for the antenna and capacitor. It’s reassembled, but I will be keeping track of how often it is griefed to make the problem clear.

Please make the radio indestructible, it took so long to build and the only reason to keep it destructible is to change frequencies, given the reality of griefers it is easier to build 3 radios with different frequencies than to have one radio that keeps being griefed.

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I still think that they should be destructible (just in case), but it should be made harder to destruct.

What do you mean just in case? The base is already indestructible so griefers can build radio bases to block areas. If it’s destructible I still think griefers will destroy it.

For whatever emergency reason the radio needs to be dismantled.

It’s true you might want to use the Daniel Cells in another radio, but they are not used for any other reasons and the slim chance you would want to use them from an existing radio rather than make a new one must be compared against the high possibility of griefing. When you weigh the pros and cons of having it destructible or indestructible, then the indestructible one wins by a large margin.

There is no point in building a radio at all if it’s destructible and even if there is an “emergency reason” to destroy it to use the pieces in another radio then the pieces will be gone anyway, hidden by a griefer, and you won’t have the pieces at all.

Can you try making a radio in the game and seeing how often a situation where it needs to be dismantled comes up and see how often the pieces simply disappear behind trees. When you use it practically you see that the huge downside to having it destructible outweighs any upside from hypothetical emergency situations that don’t really come up.

This griefing is extreme. Today, the Daniel Cells were found in one life. The last time a cell disappeared, it took a week or more to find as it was hidden far away. If an even more determined griefer hid it even farther, it might never be found.

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It just doesn’t seem realistic to be able to dismantle an entire radio.

would it help if you could lift up the entire radio after building it?

I think them being indestructible would be good too. It would be better to have a way of just changing the frequency with a dial or something. So we wouldn’t have to take apart to change the capacitors and antennas. I also like it being immovable or at least make ppl very slow when they move it like a boulder.


Definitely, just today ppl were getting a lot of enjoyment out of the radios. A mom thought her daughter was dead and suddenly she spoke out of the radio :slight_smile: and they communicated. It would make more sense to build them in a lot of villages if they were indestructible.


It was my mom!! :slight_smile:

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