Bear Arena Death Match Tournament

There is a bear arena in a city in us beginner. We have tested it a few times and it is a lot of fun. Here is how it works:

The arena has bears and stones. There are 2 entrances. A stone road goes through the middle of it. Each player gets one pie and enters the arena from opposite sides. Then, the winner is whoever survives longest.

The strategic part of it is that you can try to steal the rocks from under your opponent’s feet so that a bear eats them, or steal your opponent’s food as well. You can use the stone road to make a quick run near your opponent and take a stone from under them and lead a bear on them, and they are trying to make the bears eat you at the same time.

So, I wonder if anyone is interested in joining a tournament to see who is the ultimate bear arena champion.


Same! What town is it?

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