Bell Town

I was born as an eve and immediately a bell rang. It was South and a bit East. I tried going East to see how long it would take for the arrow to move to South, and tried to estimate if the distance was long. It seemed reachable in one life, so I set off South. Soon I had a bb, and she was amazing. We kept each other alive through various yellow fevers, and kept going. I only had one other bb much later due to the yellow fevers but she ran away. Along the way, we kept seeing bones and signs of life, once 5 bones together in a jungle, maybe it was a family going to the bell town as well?

Finally, we reached it when I was more than 50 and my daughter was 34. So we had been going for 34 yrs after her birth.

There were still ppl there, and they welcomed us and gave us bear clothes.

My daughter had no bbs up to that point due to yellow fevers, and there were still 3 girls in the village when we arrived. However, within 10 yrs 2 of the girls in the bell village family had died and the third became 40! So, it was up to my daughter to save the village.

Luckily, she had a bb when she was 38 or 39 who grew up and had a girl bb. She is alive when I am writing this and may have more.

Overall, it was a very satisfying life and a different type of life than usual.

From experience, most lives going to a bell town end before you reach there, but recently I have discovered that if you try to go in one direction for a while and see how much the arrow shifts, you can sort of estimate how long it will take to get there. If you walk for a minute and the arrow barely shifts at all, it’s probably far, but if it shifts noticeably even by a few degrees then you have a good chance of making it in one life.


Sometimes its fun to run to a bell. Ive been playing for a couple years now and most of the time i can make it to the bell within 20 to 30 minutes thanks to being experianced.

The trick is to use food bonuse by eating the difreant wild foods in order. And keeping your basket full. If you get stung by mosquitos try to find a snow pile it keeps you closer to perfect temp. And if you have to go through a particularly dangerous area try to move only to tiles that have items on them.

Animals cant hurt you if your standing on a item and if you move from one item to the next and pass through a moving animal it cant hurt you either. But i think if you pass through a still animal it will kill you. Not 100% sure since it might have changed a bit in recent updates

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