Building a racetrack

Misty and I finally finished building our racetrack in Enigma in the US beginner server, called the Track of Champions. Everyone is invited to race! Go to the Central Northern area of the city if you are born there, and bring a pie. Here are some pictures of the track.

Start on the start line, go through the stone obstacles, go through the brick area and pick up a goose, go on the bridges over the water, go through the pine trees, go through the roads between the mango tree forest, go down through the wood area, and put your goose in the box on the tile of your starting color to finish the race.

The bottom 2 pictures are the observation area inside the center of the racetrack from where you can observe races.

First to put their goose in wins first place, second wins 2nd place, third wins 3rd place, fourth wins 4th place. There can be up to 4 racers at a time. Races can be conducted using cars, using horses, and by foot. Each racer gets one pie to stay nourished during the race. There can be races where you have to go around more than one lap, for example 5 or 10 laps, if people want to make the race last longer.

We are trying it out with random US beginner server bbs and they are enjoying it so far.


You guys clearly put a lot of effort into that race track. The whole thing looks absolutely stunning! :star_struck:


Can’t wait to race you guys tonight!


Tysm! :blush:
It was a really fun build !

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Yaay! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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See @Misty0007 and @Swizard in a few! Thanks to @FoxVe for giving me heads up on discord.


Yw happy to help!

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It took about fifteen lives each. So 30 lives in total. I think what makes you say years is that when building in most towns griefers impede your progress.

Ya was much faster with no worries of griefers and takin carrot seed :yum: