Enigma town for Tourism

Enigma is Misty and I’s town on the US beginner server. It was a mostly solo town with one bb at a time visiting for weeks, but today is going to be the grand opening when a whole family will be born there. So, if you want to visit try to be born in that family or let Misty or me know on here or on private message.

Some of the main attractions:

HQ: the Headquarters of the town including a plaza and palace, it is surrounded by mango trees and a moat

Temples: 14 unique temples of the main Greek myth gods. See this post for pictures https://forum.youarehope.app/t/temples-of-the-greek-mythology-gods/7502

In total, this village has over a hundred mango trees.

Bakery: bake cakes and other sweets, and make honey to ride bears

Casino: play dice and card games

Bear Hunter’s Lodge: a building next to three bear caves for hunters to hunt bears and put their bear pelts into

Hospital: next to the bear hunting area, it has saved a lot of lives already

Library: notes from visitors and the history of Enigma

Dogs: all types of dogs are available

Farm and Animals : it’s a farm with berries, cabbage, wheat, corn, beans, and carrots, and the animals are sheep, cows, pigs, and geese

Zoo: You can see dangerous animals such as seven bears up close without being killed

Kitchen: Cook things

Fishing Location: Catch fish

Restaurant: A restaurant to eat in

Cars: Ride cars on the vast road network in this city

Radios: Talk to other cities

Clothing Room: raise your bbs in this warm area, and give them clothes including any type of crown, boots, and any colors of cloth clothes.

Great Wall: a great wall of bell tower bases and stone walls 172 long times 203 wide tiles around the whole village protects it from griefers, the only way in is a triple layer of locked doors.

There are multiple horses and fences to park them in this town, as well as food stations with raspberries and bowls

Some of these areas are much bigger and more interesting to see than as shown in the pictures, because the whole attraction could not fit in the pictures.

How are these buildings protected from griefers? A griefer with an axe could destroy the whole palace and cut down all the mango trees in minutes. Well, there are no tools that can be used for griefing inside the village when bbs are let in, and they can’t go outside to get iron due to the Great Wall. Also, ppl can’t get peace lilies to grief when we are not there either. Enigma is also very far from other towns and the eve spawn location.

This town is still in progress and will have more attractions added. If anyone has an idea for an area we might add that in.


Yay! This looks so great dudes! I love the hot spring casino :joy: I was always excited to be born there and see the progress!


Wow that’s awesome! I appreciate the work you all have done for this. I think another cool attraction could be a fun maze like @Buttercup is working on (Building a maze) Maybe recruit buttercup for another maze in enigma :smile:


I liked how you used seeds instead of hyphens in the signs. The town looks so good! I saw the note you placed in my town Highgarden yesterday :slight_smile: Enigma forever!


I didn’t place any note, maybe Misty placed it, I’m curious what it was?

The other thing with walls is cars and horses don’t get lost, in some other big town on the server I remember all three of their cars were lost far away in the wild, but with walls you will always find the cars.


Lol the note was Enigma Forever. Probably was Misty.


Hey high garden mom!! Its ur son the bear killer! From when u started making radios :grin:

Hiiiii! You made bear rugs for my fishing spots and helped me with my first radio!

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I didnt place note :open_mouth:
We have fans :joy:

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Yes ! We were thinking of doing maze and racetrack !
They will take longee to make tho, but its good we have room for it !
@Buttercup is maze open?!


Grand opening is starting now!


Literally everyone has a crown and a full set of colored clothes that they choose, and boots. It looks amazing when everyone is running around in that, 10 ppl and all fully clothed.


2 colors for top and bottom, 8 choices per color, and 3 types of crowns is 192 color combinations for clothing.

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Right now 16 out of 20 ppl in the US beginner server are in Enigma, so there’s a high chance of being born there.

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Oooo I’m joining.


Town is huge! Thanks for having me. It was so nice.


Ty everyone for visiting ! We will try and have morning openings too so more people can visit ! :smiley:


is it still open and if so how do I get there?

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Just try to be born into a family there, for example right now there are 2 living girls there.

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