Enigma town for Tourism

I cant right now because I am about too sleep so hopefully I will be able to when I was up tomorrow morning cant wait thank for the replay.

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Can anyone please translate this note?


Also why do ppl on this server hate this city so much, so far ppl left notes or said the following:

Screw this city
If you’re reading this, you ought to destroy this city (note)
This city should burn note
This city is a hellhole (note)

A lot of negative ppl, I never expected such a visceral reaction of hate from ppl. Obviously this is a minority of ppl but it makes it dangerous as these ppl try to convince other ppl to grief with notes and actions. We try to ban them but for each one we see another one pops up a few hours later. It’s sort of demoralizing to let bbs into the city and find hate notes every few hours.

If ppl don’t like it, they can just run away as bbs and not play there, but they take pleasure out of trying to destroy the city that took a lot of time and effort to build. Many other large cities on the US beginner server have either collapsed or have closed themselves to bbs with the eves eating crushed carrot seeds due to griefer activity.

I don’t think this can be fixed, some ppl on the server just like to destroy anything other ppl create, and don’t even try to build anything on their own.

Surprising to have so much hate in just 3 days, in other cities I was at for months I never heard any hate speech or notes, although there were griefers.

I’m curious if anyone on the server encounters any hate notes or hate spreaders or has any ideas on how to deal with this?


Might be the same person over and over. I had a person write some racist stuff on notes but he did it in front of me and his family so we banned him.

Not yet, I just finished my rose garden part yesterday :rofl:


Ooh! :heart_eyes: Cant wait to visit !

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↑This is the name of the Japanese live video contributor’s broadcast.
It probably doesn’t make sense, so don’t worry about it.

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Maybe @NyraBrowniez could explain why she dislikes Enigma from her perspective. I would like to see both sides of the story here. :slight_smile:

She was playing on the night Enigma opened so I suggested it was because of Enigma that her babies all suicided. It was just a reaction because it ruined her gaming experience.

Ooooo your town was featured by a Japanese streamer!

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Are you sure, maybe they just wrote their name there, is there a link?

Oh maybe you are right. They might have not been streaming.

Misty is building the challenge area for your iron smithing competition :slight_smile:.

She bettah make some wool pads too cause she bout to get murdered muahahaha!

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I think there are definitely players just only playing for destroying. Hopefully they get bored.
I also expearienced lot of hate, through words, in the us - beginner server. I Personal cant handle it easy.i started playing on other servers otherwise i would ve quit the game. I Always searching for nice people, and passionated players.

Maybe It also could be a single Person writing notes again and again…!?!
Maybe there can be a code that bb’s ve to give in Future to be a able to stay. Dont’ know If that works…

I’m really looking forward to visit your place. Im at europe. And still didnt had the right time to jump in.
I can make a Rubber/ereaser :smiley:


You know what would be good, is if people you banned cannot be in any of your dynasties again for a month. Because right now they cannot be ur bb but they can still come in and grief as your grandkids.

I think @Heidi_van_Bergen talked about location banning people but it’s a special dev thingy. Only she and the devs can do it. She’s like the good witch of the west and we are all the short people in Emerald city. @Christoffer is the wizard.

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I think everyone can location ban ppl but based on the update notes it’s only location banned for 100 tiles, Local Banishment / 地理的追放 in a town which is greater than 100 tiles long you will have to location ban them separately from each part of the town and by the time you do that they can grief a lot already. It takes 5 votes to location ban and often there are less than 5 ppl alive in a dynasty at one time. If you ban someone and they cannot be born in any dynasty you are the eve of, then no matter how big a town is they cannot be born there and grief again.

Finished the maze and if anyone is born in go to the Southwest corner to see it. It’s not connected to roads to make it hard to find because new players would probably just die in there, the maze is 54 by 42 tiles long and is made up of different kinds of trees. It also has bears in there.