Family Tree Killer on US beginner

I just observed a psychopath way of manipulative killing on us beginner. A girl was born, and her mom was so happy she said pls don’t be afk. They were the only ppl there. She named the bb GoldLuck. She was nice to the bb and took good care of it. Then, when the bb girl was 3 she suddenly started telling her mom to go die or else she would run away. 3 times the girl pretended to run away and came back. The mom was confused and did not want to die. Then after the third time the bb said go die now or else I will end this family tree. After that threat, the mom, who was 35, went off and died. The bb went to her bones and stole her backpack and clothes. And after that, the girl killed herself anyway. So the mom could have stayed alive and might have had another girl to save the family instead of dying due to the bb’s blackmail threats, but of course the mom did not know that the girl was lying. So the girl used psychology to make the mom kill herself and end the family tree. And the last words the mom said are “I miss u granny and im sooo sorry i died.” And who was I before I started observing? Her gma.

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This game can bring out the best in people, but it can also bring out the worst, curse that bb.

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I find that story a bit more interesting rather than devastating. You have to admit, that girl was clever!

It’s not clever or smart it’s simple blackmail.

I’ve seen much more clever ways of killing on us beginner server.

The problem is her method of killing only works a few times before everyone sees that she will kill herself anyway. So people stop trusting her, if she wanted the kill method to continue being effective she had to follow through and survive if someone does give in to her demands. Ppl are already spreading information about what she does and since the US beginner server has a limited number of ppl her kill method will become more and more likely to backfire and get her banned than to actually succeed.

There are other, more devious methods involving darker psychology that work consistently.

I haven’t been on that server for a while. My bad!

I have a method I use to kill griefers in non kill servers that has a 90-95% kill rate over sample size 100… and it has worked well for years.

I’m just sharing this story so that ppl on us beginner don’t fall for the lying method of the girl if they care about their family trees surviving, but it’s not even close to being one of the best kill methods on the no kill server.

It’s actually fun seeing what creative ways players come up with to kill on “no kill” servers and there are over ten unique killing methods that I have seen so far. I just don’t want to post the most effective ones because some of the kill methods kill ppl without them knowing who it was that killed them and I don’t want a griefer to read about them.

I had similar experience, with my mom wanting me dead & kept saying she was going to die. She picked me up & took me away from town, but I had enough food bars to get back. She kept saying she was going to die & my gma wanted her to stay & she banished me even tho I was a girl too so we didnt need my mom to stay alive :unamused:
After this I just left :woman_shrugging:
But Im guessing my mom was the same person :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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