Griefers still so powerful and problems with ban by id

A town in US beginner server (Oddity) was doing great for weeks, then one person cut down all raspberry bushes, killed sheep, destroy farm, breaking advanced things like transmitter, etc. I was observing and could ban her, but nobody else did as she was the only girl left and her bbs trusted her. Very few ppl I ask in game even know what B3 means or how to ban based on id, maybe there should be a message in the game about it. Her id is all over the raspberry bushes and dead sheep. Also, when she gets her kids to move the raspberry bushes her id is no longer on it, and the sheep bones disappear. So even if the village can be saved, there is nothing stopping her from doing it again.

Nobody even did anything bad to her, her mom was nice to her and gave her clothes. So she just decided to destroy a town for no reason.

Some other ideas I have is make it harder to chop domestic trees and cut down raspberries or have some way for the ids to not disappear so easily.

Over weeks most ppl there, probably hundreds, were good. But if one person can destroy hours of effort from many people without getting punished then individual griefers are still way too powerful.

The only fix as of now is to kill all bbs just to prevent the one percent of bad players from getting in, but this defeats the interest of having a population in a town and interacting with them.

By the way the id is 1043711, maybe there is a history of her actions somewhere? Her name is lili Oddity.

If anyone goes in that village and finds her id on any object pls ban it if she didn’t erase it from everywhere already.

Edit: The idea of ban by id does not work, or maybe I am doing a wrong approach. I just tried to be born there and have my bbs ban the id, out of kids only one banned the id. I had to kill the other bbs as they were moving all the raspberry bushes and changing the id even though I told them not to. My daughter had a lot of bbs too and I hoped one of them would ban the id, especially given that it is obvious that that id is on the sheep, dug raspberry bushes, dead berry bushes, etc. However, not one of my daughter’s bbs banned the id either and we had to kill them all too.

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Some images as proof.


Wow, I was there after this happend and worked hard to get the compost and farming going, such a nice town :heart:

I don’t understand the bear tho, is there a story behind that? :rofl:

The bear is just for fun, he has crown so he is like the royal sacred bear of the village. Also, I just tried to be born there and get ppl to ban the ids. One person out of 7 did it while the other 6 either said they would and did not or even worse started to move the bushes and thus change the id on them. I had to kill those 6 bbs to prevent them from changing the ids! This griefer turned me into a monster, now I have to keep killing bbs who don’t ban the id until enough bbs do ban it. In the end I might just kill all bbs, basically the whole ban by id idea does not work even when it is clear that one person destroyed all bushes and sheep and raspberries. Any suggestions?

Also, how many bans does it take on that id to geographically ban that person given that the bans happen over a period of time, perhaps days, and in different families?


The problem with ban by id is that most ppl do not do it even with evidence, on the update notes for ban by id the situation described was a griefer being banned by id after their deaths. In reality most ppl do not do this despite clear evidence of a griefer. I am not sure how to change this.

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I’m sorry to hear :frowning: I tried to find the post about the new anti griefers system, but it doesn’t say anything about amount of people needed or how long it will last.

But if I remember correctly, it’s 5 different players and the votes lasts a months. So your vote should still be valid, also the player can’t be reborn as your child, when you voted to banish him/ her :slight_smile:

Most of the players here at YAH is lovely people and it’s fun meeting you :heart: but some choose to be griefers and some players choose not to help in town - just eating berries.

Tbh that’s why I sometime love my solo play, I have my own little town, and when I go there I always use the carrot seed as prevention. I’m a bit scared to let someone in, if they start ruining my work.

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I am sorry for you, though I cringe a lot about the amount of „I have to kill bbs“ in your posts…

Quote: * If there are three or more votes against the same player (but from different players) inside the same square, that player will not be able to enter that part of the map again, until the votes expire.

That’s what Christoffers introduction says about the amount of ppl to get a person geographical banished. Already got 3 to banish that person? Maybe the bb killing can stop then. And for the time you clean up that town, maybe consider the anti bb pill. And when you are done you can have happy bbs again :relieved:


I really don’t want to kill bbs but the way the system is set up I am forced to do it or the id of the griefer will be changed, there are 2 votes so far so after one more I will stop killing bbs. I don’t like solo play and like bbs but I am afraid that if the griefer id is not banned before people change the id then it will be easy to destroy it again by the same person.

The real problem is that only one out of 9 ppl I tried to get ban actually did it, which makes the process take a long time. Many ppl do not know about banning by id and do not believe me when I tell them, so I think the game needs to inform ppl about this either in the tutorial or in the update notes or somewhere else, because in the update notes it says read the forum for details but most ppl do not do this.

So do I understand that correct? A baby spawns in. You say „ban that id for griefing (pls)“, the baby does not do this (you get a ban token just when you played 40(?) minutes) and then, even before it is 3, you run into the wilds to kill it? Because on this server there’s no other way to kill a baby (or maybe imprison it until it dies). So in a time when a baby has not enough time and letters to write to be able to understand if it is behind your cause and maybe even does not have a ban token you already have enough informations for yourself to chose who gets to play and who not… :thinking: I know of the pain to see griefer destroying my city. It is awful. But just get babies and raise them or take the anti bb pill. Imo serial bb murder are worse than what that person did to your town. And even if that person does not get geographical ban you may be more lucky next time. You shouldn’t blame the system when you are the one killing.

Even if this text might seem offensive to you, I absolutely don’t mean it that way! I hope it’s just food for thoughts


The system forces me to kill them as they move the objects with the id, and I can’t take the anti bb pill because I need someone to ban the id. I don’t kill them as bbs because ppl can only ban when they are 3. You are right, I imprison them later but only if they start moving evidence. The problem is, I tell them to not move the evidence because it has the id on it and they move it anyway. It’s fine to wait 40 minutes but they have to at least not change the id on the evidence of griefing and so far all the bbs do not listen even when I repeatedly ask them to stop. I usually don’t kill bbs but the way the system is set up if I don’t kill them the evidence will disappear. If there was some kind of log with the id so that ppl could not remove the evidence then there would be no need to kill them.

whats wrong with you? you kill other players because you got griefed? that’s griefing too. stop that. you will get more griefers when you kill players.


Or alternatively, if there was a way to ban an id without having to touch an object. You would have to type in the id and it would be banned. That way, ppl who I trust could see the id and then ban them even if the evidence was moved. There are many ways to change the system to not incentivize bb killing.

when you can’t play with others please go to a private server. killing players without reason is griefing.

All the bbs have to do to not get killed is to stop moving the evidence when I am nice to them and ask them repeatedly. They are removing the evidence of griefing which is a good reason to kill them.

no it’s not. it’s a multiplayer game. and you claim stuff for yourself. that only leads to more griefing. try to play with others. let them help you rebuild the city or go to a private server.

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So you are saying it is fine if the griefer never gets banned and the evidence is destroyed. The rebuilding takes hours and they will come back and destroy it in a couple minutes. There is no point to build anything if there is no way to punish griefers, nobody has suggested an alternative to bb killing that will get the griefer banned. I don’t like or enjoy bb killing but it is the only way to save the town for all the ppl in the long term.

don’t put words in my mouth. i did not say anything of that. your images don’t even show heavy griefing. there is much worse than that. seems like you spend a lot of time in killing babies instead of play with others. i would come to the server and would help you ban the griefer and rebuild your city. and i did that on other servers already. but it seems like you are a griefer too. if you can’t handle other players just take the birth control pill.

this game is way easier when you play together instead of killing each other.

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I played with ppl and didn’t kill a single bb for weeks in that village. Most of the ppl are good. The killing is not a lot of time as you said, it’s one life out of hundreds. And, when you say to not kill bbs even if they remove the evidence as I said they do, that implies that the griefer will not get banned due to all the ids being changed. So not killing bbs leads to the griefer getting away with it. Also, there is more evidence of griefing in other parts of the village but I just didn’t take photos because for example, if tools are missing you can’t take a photo of that.

I think we will never agree, it’s about values. Punishing some innocent people in order to punish one very guilty person vs letting the griefer get away with it without punishment and not punishing any innocent people. In the long term, I think the stricter anti crime approach is better but it relates to your values/beliefs about justice.