How to make different keys

How do you make keys that are different, I made 4 keys for 4 doors but all 4 keys work on all doors. Is there a way to have the keys be different?

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Did you make all the locks using the same key?

No, I made the 4 locks with different keys

I made 6 keys now, given that there are supposed to be 10 types of keys the chance of them all being the same is one in 10 to to the 6th power, so probably there is some bug with keys on this update. Can anyone try to make keys on a non US beginner server and see if this problem exists there too?

Its 10 diff keys we can make?
I thought like 3 or 4
Using file diff number of time on each one shouldve made em different

Can you try to make different ones for the doors so that the 3 doors need different keys to open them.

Ok imma check it out