Japanese Murder cult

So i joined this Japanese server where u can murder someone and i was born then one of them spoke English and told me that i am in a cult where you murder you’re parents and i was confused then when i was 5 one of my uncle murdered my mom here’s the picture ! She’s on the left and the right is my mom

Now after this all of the people including my cousins were grabbing all of the knives on the sheep pen and started murdering each other I couldn’t know who died first but here’s all the pictures
After that mass murdering the only one who survived was my uncles brother i then gave birth to two children both were girls then he suddenly tried to kill me so i grabbed one of my murdered cousins knife and stabbed him first here’s the picture Screenshot_20210131_160309_com.wereviz.evolution|690x318 now after this i had a 2 daughters i named her Alicia then she murdered her brother and sisters and then me she tried to kill her daughter to but she starved to death instead