New players

Sooo many new players I don’t know if it’s good or not because no civilizations will hold but it’s still good because I’m not having 3 or less kids during a lifetime


Hi! Welcome!

I came from tik tok :rofl:


Welcome @JayThaGreat @Queenisabella :slight_smile:

Yeah so many new players :slight_smile: i like it. Great to see some new players on the EU server too :slight_smile: brought me back to play in this server again. And yeah :rofl: so many babies to take care of, hahahha


I realized that it is probably rude of me to not welcome the new players too. I wish them the best of luck! :heart:

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I think lots of players help civilizations that’s why i always takw good care of my children and feed them so that they will be next to improve your village really love it :heart: