Rebirth Option

PLEASE PLEASE I BEG YALL TO ADD A REBIRTH OPTION IT’S LITERALLY SO BORING TO WAIT 1 HOUR JUST TO GO BACK TO UR RESPAWN THIS HAS BEEN A PROBLEM TO ME BUT I KEPT MY MOUTH SHUT please i beg you guys to add this im struggling :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: it’s like ur in donkey town literally waiting to leave for an hour BYE-

you dont have to play 1 hour to respawn at your peace lily. the only thing you have to do is live 10min and get your bones burried from any past lifes.


I tried this one to but instead of them burying me they bury their the grandmothers or their mothers i would always prepare for them to bury like digging a ditch and have all the supplies for burying but they Just don’t want to bury you​:sob::sob: