Unofficial Discord Server

Here is the UNOFFICIAL discord for the game, I made it so a small collection of people could work together and play while talking and just have fun and share knowledge. The official server was posted under my previous post if u want to check that one out.

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Sorry my other account was put on hold.

This is the discord I made. I’m on vacation si I cant do much with it yet. But I offered to join others but no one had any.

This is just to be friends and play the game together.

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I joined and i also put some suggestions in

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@CrispyStarChild You are free to create your own Discord servers, but please don’t name them so people can confuse them with the official discord for You are Hope, or use our official app icon.

This is the official discord server:

Feel free to join.

The invite expired

I think someone kicked me from it

Yeah. Me too. I guess the group was closed. What happened @CrispyStarChild?

Im pretty sure they closed their server. Seems everyone was removed from it so it was probably closed.