Upcoming new game mechanics / 新しいゲームのメカニック

When you died and born on that same place from your mother or sister, you can bury yourself. That’s mean you can’t activate it when you are playing solo, but can activate it when there’s another fertile woman on that favorite place.

I like the idea of abandoning baby and suicidal baby. It will be real pain in the beginning since not a lot of people know the new mechanism. But at least finally we can stop abandoning baby and suicidal baby.

I have a few question tho,

  1. Does the cooldown time in suicidal baby reset to zero or decrease a little when we stop doing suicidal?
  2. does it count suicidal when our mother are late to feed us? (for example she didn’t mean to abandon us, but she’s busy with her works and come back a little late to feed us).

I think the guaranteed boy if you have two living daughters but no boys is a nice touch. It should help keep the gender balance in towns and should also help with eve camps to have a guaranteed male gatherer or worker.

Can we clear griefer’s Rebirth Marker through banishment?

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I don’t agree with you. If you don’t want to be abandoned, you can play on a crowded server. When fewer servers can not be reborn, civilization will disappear.

Christoffer, I like your new idea. I think it will make our game happier. But I hope I don’t have to change the way Eve was born. It’s going to make us very uncomfortable. I have a little suggestion. I hope there’s a permanent landmark that can be removed. Unremovable home standards will plague us in building our home city of Yancheng. What do you think?

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I think your idea is very good. I have the same feeling.

About the new Baby Abandoning Consequences, what if a baby runs away and dies? A lot of people do that and thats unfair for the mom because she loses food without she can do anything. This is also a problem for starting eves. A lot of babies run away when spawned in a small eve camp because they don’t like that. And the eve wil lose hunger, and because she just spawned and doesn’t have a farm she will die. There should be a solution for this, otherwise it would be hard to get a new eve town.





[quote=“Christoffer, post:1, topic:5884”]

Bones stay in baskets until you bury them? Whaaaaat. Please adjust this so we can move bones before they decay after “20” min



So… that’s true…evolution
There are at least 4 people who against it, wasn’t? But you don’t give them any answer…

Just give up .Bro They dont even care about our ideas. I thought we decide hier through democracy, but no , they just bring up some new system instead of adding new things in this stupid game.
Bro I was killed like 20 times today because those Japanese griefer always ran away from me. This game was much better before when they were working with OHOL. Now this game with this stupid system s u c k s
I swear this game has now become a griefers paradise,They focus on things that are useless rather than solving the griefer problems.

I don’t like this new mechanism. It makes it impossible for me to play normally. A lot of kids left me and let me die. In fact, when the four children left, I died. And the collapse of the stone walls will destroy my home and buildings. There will be more thieves and vandals coming to my house. If there is no modification, I will leave the game.


I wish I could get my money back :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face: Such a game is not worth even five euros

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First of all, the previous Dog mechanics update was a highly suggested user idea. One that i personally also asked for and also made suggestions for.

Secondly the previous update making more items storable in crockpots and made things more user friendly was also user suggested.

The update for bees and beeswax is also user suggested.

The update for no children servers is also based on players suggestions.

Infact 90% of all updates are either player suggestions or based off of player suggestions.


Some Suggestions are good, but this one is bad. Please play the game all day and then comment