Village Alliance

This is in the US beginner server. One week ago I was born in a small village near a desert with a monolith. I set my rebirth market there and made an oddity and a road leading to it. I showed the oddity to all bbs. That evening, there were no less than 3 other reborn eves who were born there. We decided to all use the surname Oddity whenever we were reborn there. The village came to be called Oddity. In the next few days the village developed a lot with a bell tower, roads, cows, floors, a house, a mini forest of trees, and mango trees being added.

I planted 16 raspberry plants and put bowls next to them for food. One day a couple days ago, the village was griefed with raspberries gone, iron missing, cows gone, sheep gone. That was when the alliance came to be. There was a secret base away from the village that had some excess supplies that were used to save the village. One trusted person, named Sheep Farmer, helped me with saving the village and moving some supplies to the base. The other 3 eves and I sort of had an alliance before where we would recognize each other as eves with the same last name, but now Sheep Farmer and I gave our alliance a name after brainstorming different ideas including SB for secret base: G5. G5 stands for group of 5, because there were now 5 people in the alliance after he joined. He also became a reborn eve there.

Later, the people learned about the name of the group and we started using it to identify each other, for example asking someone if they were in G5. Some of the eves changed their reborn markers and some non eve people joined the group, and it in effect became an alliance of trusted people who knew all the secrets and the secret base and made plans for the village together. It was very cool to have an alliance and reencounter people from it and the first time an alliance like that happened to me. The village is still thriving a week later.


Oh my god i had a little brother asking me if i was in g5/oddity… now i understand what they were talking about :purple_heart:

May you be prosper!


I joined g5, had my rebirth there and I was dying clothes (made coloured walls near pen). It was nice and interesting alliance :). I feel like going back to the same towns is the best option in game, I like to be commited to something that will thrive.


Huh. So that’s what G5 is. I was one of the original people shown the secret base, but I wandered off before the name brainstorming.

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Is oddity still alive? It’s been about a week since I’ve heard it’s bell.

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Yes it’s still alive. I was there just now and it’s doing great.

I don’t know who else goes there but I go there at about this time (hour earlier than this post) and maybe 10-12 hours later.