Why won't rebirth work anymore?

So whenever i try to set up a rebirth on different servers like in Japan it won’t work and now it’s not working in Us 2 where i started playing why does this happen? Or is there a new update that I missed on rebirths?



There was an update last year around November/December.
Whats new is, that you use a bury system to respawn/rebirth at your favorite place.
The us-2 server got the update a bit later as the other servers.
Thats why there was not an offical comment on this update.

So here is how it works:

It’s a bit of a long topic. So here is the short version.

  1. For a respawn you have to live at least 10 years. That means as Baby live to 10 years old. As Eve you have to live to 24 years old.

  2. After your death your bones have to get buried by someone. Ask a family member to bury your bones and set a gravestone. Or if you are lucky, you spawn in the same family and you can bury your own bones (Bones decay after 20min).

If you lived 10min and got buried with gravestone you get a respawn.
If you haven’t lived 10min or didn’t get buried with a gravestone you wont get your respawn.

If you are alone on the server you can’t get buried. So if you are alone on the server you can live to 60 years old and get a respawn. But this only works, if in your next life there are no other fertile women.

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