Yule Tree Celebration

We celebrated the village surviving for 2 months with a yule tree. The tree grew just as my friend was about to die at 58 yrs old and we got to see the yule tree together :slight_smile:


How to make a yule tree:

You need

17 threads


4 bone needles

honeycomb (get from making honey)

4 bowls popcorn (get from bowl of dried corn on fire)

a pine tree

making garlands

Make 4 needles and thread, then use them on popcorn, then put a gooseberry, then popcorn, then gooseberry, then popcorn, then gooseberry, then popcorn

making candles

Put the honeycomb into a large bowl, then use a stomper, then us a bowl. Now you have beeswax.

Put beeswax in hot coals, then keep dipping the 13 remaining threads into it. After each dip, put the threads down so they cool, then dip again, the candles will be thin, then thick, then ready so it takes 3 dips per candle.

Put all the candles into a pile.

Making the yule tree

Put the 4 garlands onto a pine tree
Put the candle set onto the pine tree
Light it with a firebrand

Enjoy! You can use it for celebrations


It was so cool ! :star_struck:
Thx for showing me how to make it !
I have to look for the birds there next time !
Hopefully our radios will work too ! :grin:


I get why the radios didn’t work, I was born in the Macbeth city and their radio was medium frequency, I set it to high and we can try again later.

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The radios worked! We successfully communicated between the towns.

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I will try again amd leave the radios at med freq?

Leave them at high frequency, at medium it doesn’t work.

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At medium you can hear messages from Oddity but we can’t hear you.

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Wow ! Thats great ! I wonder how far we are!

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I am there now, are you?

Maybe far away has to be high freq :thinking:

Im gonna go now

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Ok. I’m 54 yrs old so I might die.

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No it’s bc Oddity only has a high frequency receiver.

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It worked! I died but now we know and can continue another time. I will try to get born there and meet you

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Great ! They all work now !
So my town, idk name, is a bit over 25 min away on horse !
So South West from Oddity town !
A new town connected thx to radios ! :smiley:
Also, so nice to see the new tree with birds ! :heart:

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After we died lots of other ppl communicated by radio and they all loved it. I hope both pairs of radios stay ungriefed, but if they are that will be more evidence for why radios should be indestructible.

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Ya, it was good to see many people talking !
I hope to see people travel between the towns :smiley:


This is how it looks like in a few hours, you get birds!