Animal husbandry (Breeding Animals)

I was thinking if we could have a few additions to domesticated animals.

I was thinking:
Ox that we could hitch to a wagon to dispense two soil on every tile we walk on or a plow to replace the hoe so every tile walked on gets tilled automatically

Breeding horses for different colors and if we could put crowns on horses regardless of the tame or wild status

Rare chance for sheep to give birth to black sheep for that beatnik black turtle sweater or steve jobs look

A different way to capture animals could be a steel cage with wheels that can be baited for differently for each animal

And finally the wild card, you can feed gold flakes to a turkey to get a peacock :joy:


A wheelbarrow?

Breeding would be magnificent! It would make the game so much better!

How about two levels? A level 1 ox could dispense soil and a level 2 ox could dispense soil and plow it. More efficient farming is always a great thing!

Maybe like a pokeball, the better the material the cage is made of, the higher chance of the animal not breaking out and the better the bait, the quicker an animal will fall for it. Maybe you’d have to use a certain type of bait for each animal and be able to upgrade the different types of bait?

Also, maybe the strongest cage could be unbreakable and last forever.

That would be a super funny Easter egg! :peacock:

@Christoffer needs to take notes! :memo:

I love that! All of the ideas are awesome! I also think breeding with dogs would be cool, too. Maybe if you have two dogs of the same breed, it would be more likely that all of the litter will be that breed. It would keep mean pitbulls out of the picture without having to starve the puppy pit. The peacock one would be cool. Imagine a peacock walking around your village, if they had peacock children that’d be funny. A peacock chain! Steel cages are a good idea. Maybe you could capture wolves. It would make dog farming much easier.