Category Topics

Game Updates

This category is where we will post information on updates that are coming (or have arrived), and also sometimes glimpses of what we are working on at the moment.

Design Discussions

In this category we will post topics on game design ideas we have, where we would like to hear your reactions, feedback and alternate solutions you can think of.

Game Feedback

Please submit bug reports and generally what you like or dislike about the game here. Pure suggestions should go into that category instead.
When leaving bug reports, please include info on what device you are using and how to reproduce the bug. Thanks!

Game Feedback - 日本語

Game Feedback - 日本語

Game Suggestions

This category is intended only for suggestions for the game. Use the “like” button on the suggestions you think are most important. We will give most attention to the suggestions with many likes (but giving them attention is not the same as deciding to implement them).

Questions & Advice

This category is for asking questions about how to do things in the game and discussing good strategies for surviving and building large family lines.

Fan Art

Please share your own artwork with You are Hope theme, if you have any!

Life Stories

Share your life story!
Choose the sub category with your language and post there.
Thanks for sharing your experience!

Bulletin Board

This is a new categorie called Bulletin Board. It’s a board you can reach out to players.