Books, just an idea

Sometimes i think about idea’s for OHOL. I finally got one that can be pretty usefull (it doesn’t have to be added, this is just for fun). Here it is:

Books! Lets start with how you make it.

  1. Make Some blank paper, the amount of blank paper wil be the pages of your book. (Max 6) (How to make blank paper:
    Then make a pile of paper by stacking the pages of your book.

  2. Use a needle and thread to make the pages connect (after this you cant change the amount of your pile)

  3. Use 2 pieces of leather (because the first books were Made of leather and i dont know why leather isnt added, its usefull for evrything.) Getting leather is similair to getting a sheep skin. Kill the cow to get 2 pieces of leather. Now put it with the pile of paper to get a pile of paper with leather.
    Now use an needle and thread and you have a book!

Now you write the book. Because when you write a page, it sometimes can be hard because you cant eat food meanwhile. But mostly it Goes good. But when you have to write 6 pages without eating you die. So after every page a new one comes, and when you Lay it down the first page stays written. And for writing you only need a charcoal pencil. But, watch out nobody grabs your book! Everyone can write in it!

Hope you liked my idea. Ty for Reading.


You have a ton of amazing ideas. This is one of them!


Thank you!

This is just one of many great ideas for the game that should have been added before literal airplanes


This would be so cool!

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Same. There are so meny thing before airplanes…

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I think that Jason kinda went too fast and I think it’ll screw him over when he adds things like smart phones(which it’s hard to think of all the pieces one takes to make). I hope he does some kind of reboot of the game or something where he takes the game slower.

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Those such a cool idea. You can write your story. The book(s) could also be a family heirloom! The possibilities! The crafting recipe is also perfect. :3


Thank you for the nice comment, new user!

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Aw! Of course, it was a great idea. :3