Buy ground

Yes i can lol

That’s a better idea in my opinion. Buying a piece of land defeats the purpose of new life and colonization again.

So, an extension life pack or something that modified your life so you could live for another hour or another 30 minutes. Would be realistic since its still aging. Your food bar would still lower but now slower. And you would still get the chance to have that much more time making that town.


In the time that OHOL is set in, it would be a miracle if you made it to 60. Yes, there are advanced villages and all that, but we still have no type of sanitation in cities. Imagine a disgusting fat rat stealing your mutton pie and then biting your hand. 100% you would get a disease. And the current medicine does not help much, either. It’s there just for emergencies. We don’t have herbs to help with general health issues.

So yeah. Hopefully with the industrial revolution life expectancy will rise.


I really hope so…like, the game doesnt need to change at all for that since if your town doesnt reach that kind of level you still wouldnt be able to live longer…anyway, it doesnt matter how you implement that in the game, either with industrialization or with reincarnation…or with a no death server for training purpuses idk…

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In the sims u can cook a meal that makes u young again xd and maybe if u do an offer at a tample or somthing u can be reborn there like jusus

I think the simple solution is to add coordinates to the world map, so its 60 minutes…its 1 life, but now u can, if u want, go to your city…i know that changes the game, that way ppl would tend to play more alone, or with friends only, and i understand that the game also has that random social experience that you have every time you are born, that way pvp would be more a thing, but why not? Create a server with coordinates to try it out…love this game


Thats an amazing idea 1 server with that cordinates or like one for jap and one for eu us

We have tried this in previous weekend events and it may come again. We don’t run permanent servers with different rules, but if the player base grows enough, it might be reasonable to do so. We shall see…


Lol if u dont u might loose your player base at all…getting tired of starting game after game without being able to go any further, for real you either get to start from nothing and never are able to come back or u spawn in a village already built and full of noobs roaming around consuming everything and doing nothing but to have babyes until someone remembers to go and attract a bear to te midlle of the town and everyone ends dead…i think this game has a unique feel…or players would have already be gonne due to the amount of flaws it has as well, i think everyone wants the same…u should provide it and see where the game goes after that…dont come with that talk that u dont make servers with different rules…the game has a problem, i think everyone wants u to solve it


If we have learned anything by now, it is that this statement is very far from reality. Different players want different things - sometimes very different. One way of making more people satisfied is to provide different game modes. Our events serve a dual purpose: the immediate is to provide some variation to keep it fun and fresh, the other is to try out experiments and see what players really like, so it makes sense to pursue them as long-term permanent add-ons.
This forum is also a way we try to catch ideas from you guys.


What you dont do is to admit that this issue its actually the biggest problem of the game, and that everyone demands to be able to play with who they want, but you wont change it cause the game sells you copys in this current form, and if ppl would actually have time to go through the tech tree, you would have to add more content or ppl would loose interest, and that is the only reason why you dont change the game. Like for example…when other games do an event theyll give you candy so you can trade for in game items, or theyll give you coins or whatever…what does ohol gives players during events? The habillity to play with theyr own friends and familly! (facepalm) idk about you, but that tells me that you guys are pretty aware of what are the people demands after spending theyr money on your product…

Not to mention the lack of identity in this game, who are we in this game? No one, we have no profile, no ingame achievments, theres no sense of connection in this game, the idea of u not being able to talk properly while youre a baby its amazing, but makes it very difficult to comunicate since time in the game is short, every second wasted its… a waste i guess. And since theres no connection, no identity, theres immunity and theres griefers and generally a lot of angry people cause no know who you are. And cause you know theres a necessity of the ppl ingame to connect to each other, you made this app/forum for mobile users to do just that, but you didnt made it free, it could have been, but it isnt, i actually didnt even knew what i was buying…but you made me pay extra 5 euros to be able to access this forum and to have “watch mode” in the game (which serves me pretty much no purpose…)…anyway great concept, bad game, the usual

I feel I must be missing something vital in what you are trying to say here. To me it reads a bit like this: “You have a great and unique concept here, but I wish the game would be much more like every other game.” I doubt this is what you really mean, but that is what is coming across.

We like that you post ideas, but we have to think hard about all effects those ideas would cause if we put them in the main game. If anyone can return to a previous city using the coordinates, this will indeed help with creating top civilisations, as has already been proved by the weekend event where we tried it out (Event 4 - Eternal Cities). But once you have an advanced city, the gameplay changes. You have “won” and any new babies being born will have no objectives to achieve. This game is about rebuilding civilisation - not about having a ready-made civilisation. In the weekend event this was easily solved, because once the weekend was over, so were those civilisations, and the game returned to its main objective.

I hope you see that the coordinate idea solves the problem you are thinking about (easier to create an advanced civilisation and playing with people you know IRL) at the cost of ruining the actual objective of the game (having to struggle together with strangers to take small steps towards civilisation, while never being sure that you yourself will be around anymore when it happens)?

You must have misunderstood something here. This forum has always been free. Maybe you are confusing it with the Family Chronicle feature?

Thanks for saying your piece. I hope this dispels some of the suspicions you voice around our motivations? Otherwise, feel free to ask more questions. And please continue to post your ideas on how to improve the game.


Well thats not true there are still jobs and u can always leave the city and make your own town i think not all people live in a city just like irl.

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I actually dont know, but this forum/app appeared on my phone when i bought that chronics thing, whatever…i keep thinking the same way, the game has many problems but thats the worst. Anyaway, werent we supposed to be able to respawn on our previous home marker if we died of old age as an eve? Someone told me there had to be no more than 3 ppl on the server, can you tell me if thats still a thing or if it was removed?

What u said about destroying the purpose of the game, which is, like u say to have to struggle with strangers taking steps towards civilization, thats not an objective, that would be the means towards an objective, no one has the objective of struggling to survive, u do it as a way to reach a goal, and the only actual goal i think its possible to pursue in this game is to build the bell, which once built lets u do what? Play with the ppl you want and have a sense of direction in the world…so i think once again that the ones developing the game are totally aware of all these issues and know what all the players want but prefer to keep the game as it is, and u can say that different ppl want different things but not in this case, everybody wants to be able to get back to the place they spent hour buildind, if u say otherwise ur lying.

There is no limit to eve spawns and you should be able to return if you die of old age, however, as far as I understand, there is a glitch in Jason’s code that needs to be fixed. It’s not up to the mobile developers.

But as for the rest… I don’t think you understand. With your ideas in mind, if you and I both spawn back to the same location continuously and I know it’s you, guess what? I’m going to be waiting there to kill you every time. So then what? Do you want to keep playing with me? What you’re suggesting is you would prefer to be murdered over and over. Even with using your idea of coordinates, all you’re doing is putting a target on your back as well as your town and your family. If it’s on a private server which we both paid for, what then? Maybe you would you rather have your spawn point reset and an opportunity to start your own civilization in an unknown location elsewhere and have the ability to seek revenge? Because that’s how it is right now and I don’t think there is any other way to play.

If you think about some of the issues you are bringing up on a deeper level, you will see many parallels between the game and real life. I don’t think it needs to change besides the issue with the eve respawn. So I guess @Christoffer is right, everyone does not want the same thing.

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Im ok with the game as it is too if there was a way to get back to where i started my settlement, so if that way to respawn worked i would have no reason to complain, although i still think the game lacks in terms of player jdentity for ex

And btw, if the thing we are talking is to be able to spawn back, yes we all want that…

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Sure. That’s supposed to be a feature of the game but only if you are an eve that lives to 60. Otherwise griefers would be capable of respawning back as well.

As far as creating an identity I would argue that there are ways to develop a name for yourself and become a notorious, well-known player. There are also benefits to anonymity that I wouldn’t want to give up.

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No hard feelings but do you see what I’m saying now @J0aoPestana?