Can we have more fruits and so?

Idk updates are recently about clothes only, and I feel like it’s not really that necessary? Idk, but yeah we need more variety in food and idk try introducing the yum system? It won’t be much meaningfull to go past the pies if you can get the same bonus from just eating berries so the advanced towns won’t really matter (the yum system from OHOL)

Anyways, it was just a suggestion! And keep up the great work!! (: Get well soon, Christopher!


The yum system is already a thing.

In the town i have, i literally cannot eat all the different foods in one life because there is so much variety… are you sure you are not missing something?


What variety? Sakeurant, burritos , the pork or turkey both, the cake, or sponge cake, the pies, the stew, and tacos 🤦 they’re pretty much useless if you have a berry farm, as in OHOL the berry gives you like one square if you are four generation or three, so you pretty much have to upgrade food (soon the sakeurant becomes useless then the stew then pies and so) so you always have to search for new foods and so, it makes the food system more interesting but you can just survive here on bananas (in OHOL there’s a biome system so like not every family can get banas aside from the fact that soon it doesn’t have much effect) so yeah

Oh yes and the onigas and rice

And noodles that can take a life time to make and people won’t eat it anyways because they eat berries

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I played one hour one life for basically so much time lol, so I know alot about it, the new stuff in here is the fertility system that I really like tbh, and the clothes and rice (there’s no rice in one hour one life) but it has much more like peppers, tomatoes, grapes (and all the food you can prepare with it, it also has the biome system which means that trade is actually amazing, towns speaking a certain language is great, it has alot of drawbacks too like the dumb new update but yeah you’re hope is easier to access so I really want it to be great, I’m not saying the devolper aren’t doing enough work but like we have alot of clothes options I can’t even keep up with all of them lol)

But it’s not as effective ): if you play the pc game you will understand it, I like the food system there so much tbh, and I kinda want it here, it’s beautiful (one of the best updates so far, the rest of recent updates are trash, and the stacking update is useful too but yeah)

But just for the info, I like the devolper here more than the pc game, they actually listen and don’t get offended if you mention something you dont like and they take all opinions in consideration which is great! So keep up the great work :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


i think the same about food updates like you think about clothes updates. why more food? there is plenty of food in game already.

the developer already asked the community how we feel about ‘‘making gooseberry less OP‘‘. you can add your ideas here: Gooseberry

the language update from OHOL looks fun. but why copy that game? the developers of YAH have good ideas by them self.

also there are plenty other ideas around, which could be implemented. you can find all of them here: Community Suggestions

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What more food? Useless food? Half of the people playing don’t even know how to eat or prepare them, berries are efficient and the food system is pretty op makes the game really easier, it’s just in one hour one life the game is relatively way harder tbh, the hunger goes faster, food loses its worth, a leader and you make things harder, some things aren’t accessible like how browns can only get rubber but no sulfur but blacks can get sulfur and oil, gingers are cool and how blondes are completely useless. You’re hope is an adaptation of the game so idk it’s alright to be compared to it, I see nothing wrong in comparing them, since I too originally bought the game thinking it’s basically the game but on phone but yeah it’s different which was cool but I find something are useless if you can live your whole life on a berry farm and make your life goals dressing nicely to take a ss because half of the people forgot that the main concept of the game is building a civilization and they like "solo " or whatever, I’m not against it, but running babies is ugly when you only have ten people in the server lol, no town will ever survive unless you keep rebirthing in it :roll_eyes: I personally like OHOL more but yeah YAH is great too.

Most people who play You Are Hope, like this version better than One Hour One Life.
I have 1000+ hours on OHOL, but I much prefer YAH.
Christoffer chooses his updates mostly on the players ideas, whereas Jason is making the game for himself.
They are two separate games now, if you don’t like that, go play OHOL. :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:


It’s not hate, it’s an opinion, please learn the difference before saying nonsense.

@scaryWidow you are aware that jason is part of this forum? you talk awful about people. please stop that.