Decoration update suggestions

This game is mainly focused on survival, you live one hour and you need to survive and contribute as best as you can to your family.
For new players that are still stuggling with the basic system this already is a challenge.
However experienced players that know how to survive, build long lasting citys, and doing the same repetetive functional survival projects get a lack of creativity after a while.
This is where a decoration update would be great.
I quickly wrote down some new ideas functional and creative.
Please add some more in the comments so we can start building again with new items and project ideas.

  • Different types of planks from trees.
    Pine tree: dark brown planks.
    Maple tree: normal wooden planks
    Mahoganey tree: Orange planks
    Yew tree: beige planks.

  • adding wooden walls.
    We skipped wooden walls. We have adobe (that we rarely use) and mainly use stone because it becomes permanent, but stone is not the best solution for temporary buildings.
    By adding different types of planks from the suggestion above you will have a whole variety of new wooden houses.

  • adding dye.
    Green dye: from beans or a new flower.
    Yellow dye: from corn or a new flower.
    Black dye: from charcoal.
    Make it able to paint fences black and white.

  • road tile crossroad system.
    Make it able to choose wich direction the crossroad sends you by putting stakes on a crossroad and hitting it with a mallet.
    For example: If you hit it once a arrow will appear on the tile to the east, if you hit it twice it will send you north.
    This way you can make a road system in big citys.

  • tool belt.
    Adding a toolbelt that you can wear as a pants and holds 3 small items.
    Builders can store their spare tools that easily brake in there, like chisels or mallets.

  • make every wild item removable.
    When building a big building we often have to search for a Good placement. But often whe have a wild berrie bush in the middle of the room or needed to adjust wall placement because of sandpits or wild peace lilly, so please make it easier and give us a way to remove everything so we can build everywhere.


Picked Wild Peace lillys despawn over time now i think. And wild berry bushes can be removed like domestic ones with woden stakes and a shovel.

But sand pits and snow banks are still always in the way.

Marble stones would be amazing for building.

But log fences would look pretty good to i think. Use a saw on a straight branch to get two halves then a but log on it to get a log fence kit and use it like a normal fence.

Also the corner wall stakes

Make it so we could use a flint chip on those to switch it so that only to corners are there. Then when we use the flit again it rotates the corners.

Im thinking the log would be in the center with the straight branchs sticking off to the sides.

Also id like the new corners better then the old ones where they go in all four directions instead wed have fences that look like they have smother corners. But could still use the original intersecting corners to if we wanted.

Why a flint chip?

Why a mallet to make newcomman stakes? Lol doesnt have to be a flint chip. I was just thinking along the lines of simple tools but could be any tool.