Dry ponds

I was making a farm, and i wanted more space. But the ponds where blocking me from expanding my farm.
What about a feature where you can remove dry ponds by using a shovel? That would be very handy.

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:sweat: don’t you worry that griefers dig up all the dry ponds and we are left with no pond?

Yeah, that’s a big problem.

Wel, ur right, but that the same as trees. You can cut them for space, firewood, and logs, but people can go to far and destroy all. Thats just something to deal with in a city or village.

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If can I would also like to remove sandpit, cactus and so on . Hmm… maybe another way to remove pond ? Using shovel only would be a problem. It is like the boxes , they make it too easy to cut so griefers just use axe and everything is lost . Pond is the only water resource. :sweat: I have been in town with like 3 or 4 ponds (although I am not sure to let them survive or not ) and water is precious in those place .

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Maybe by destroying a well with a pickaxe? Only the stones remain then. Ur right, its an hard concept.

That would be a good idea. I would like to use Pickaxe to destroy dry deep well (since it is not useable anymore plus we do have water storage).


Yes, that wil fix the problem!

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You can use it to make a pump. It still has use.

You are correct. But , we only need 1, so yup the others can go .

That isn’t true.

what about using sand to fill dry ponds. and after ten sand piles were added the pond dries out after 1,5 hour and disappears.

also i wish the sand pit would disappeare when its empty.


Or maybe add 5 bowls of sand to a dry pond and add water for clay?
My farm cant wait!

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In You are hope all wells still refill over time. Except for the newcoman wells which you have to manually refill.

I think the normal well refils one unit of water every hour and the deep well refills one unit every 1.5 hours or so.

Also theres only a chance of using a unit of water when using the wells thats why they last far longer then the 5 units of water in them. Exept the last unit it always only has one use. Then it becomes dry again.

You are right . They still produce water . However , after the invention of Diesel engine , they are less useful I guess. To remove dry pond or not , to remove dry well or not … in the early , middle or late stage is a hard question indeed.
I am worried about something. Before the invention of diesel engine , big cities and roads are built to connect wells. Now cities are smaller , life is easier . The user experience changes . Hmmm… I would like private servers but I fear it won’t be the same game anymore. Ok , if there are too many add on that need a lot of fees , then … :sweat: I will feel miss out too much .

The game is sapossed to be constantly evolving with new things added, removed, and changed. A long time ago the wells could be built anywhere and there was no need to be worried about water since a town could easily have 30 wells. Trash pits that lasted forever were also a thing that changed massively changing how towns developed.

Diesel engine pumps are complicated to make and it seems most players still dont understand how to make fuel so if you removed all the unecisary wells the town would quickly die out or stagnate from lack of water.

I saw in one of the old eternal city events a large town die out because someone turned all the wells into newcoman and only one or two players knew how to work them.

I dont think they will charge for us to be able to join private servers. Just for someone to have a private server.

The pionts are right, but some ponds are in such a stupid postition, i just want them to be removed.

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I think we should be able to remove empty ponds but i think it should be complicated so that griefers cant just instantly remove them. Like heidies idea of filling it with sand and letting it disapear after a while is good. But maybe not as much sand lol


Yes, just filling it with sand and in the book dont say you need to wait (like most things have) but just dont say anything after that. And i think my idea also works.


Maybe the devs can look in to this @Christoffer @Jincheng or the moderators @SylarUchiha @EmberWolf. i think @Crazy_kvo has a good suggestion here about ponds.

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