Founders of towns should be able to spawn more easily and consistently

What happened::: I’m an intermediate player going on 3 years playing YAH. I finally started building a town of my own on US-beginner. I was building this town so I could invite a friend from discord to play with me and teach me some advanced skills that I’ve been struggling to learn. I had a perfect system of eating carrot seeds and burying myself. I spend HOURS there yesterday and buried myself probably 20 times, and on the last grave I forgot to put a headstone. I died looking for iron and now I can’t get back there. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have to remember where my dead body is each time I die, and to worry about burying it first thing before I do anything else, every time, when all I want to do is play. Sometimes I die while looking for my last body, and my homespot is then gone. Sometimes I step away from the game for a week, and when I come back, I don’t remember where I died and I lose my homespot all over again! And other players don’t reliably bury you :’(

Suggestion::: Would it be difficult for the developers to create a home marker system for founders of towns? This “Founder Marker” can only be set once per so many squares (enough squares so that someone can’t place a Founder Marker too close to another Founder Marker, in a block around the marker) and provides two protections (1) the founder of the town always spawns at that town as an Eve or if there are Moms there (otherwise you are still born to other Moms in other towns and Eves in the wild!) and (2) the founder of a town can not be banned from their own town for more than a few days. The Founder Marker shouldn’t be too easy to set (so it’s not done by accident), but you also shouldn’t need any tools to set it (so it can be done quickly before starting a town). Maybe make a pile of round stones and putting a peacelilly on it turns it into a “Founder’s Stone” that can only be removed by the Founder (with a pick axe)? There could also be a limit to Founder’s Stones per player (maybe 2 per player and per server). And of course you can only set a Founder’s Stone once you’ve died of old age a few times.

Reason::: I love that this is an aesthetically cute hardcore survival game… but this is a game and it should be fun. Losing a town you spent many hours, days, or months on because you weren’t buried one time (forgot where your body was or forgot a single headstone), or got banned for a month by new or bad players, is miserable. I would spend so much more time learning and teaching if I had my own permanent town and didn’t have to worry about burying myself. It would make it more enjoyable for me and probably better for other players too.

Please consider adding a Founder Marker system. Thank you for reading!!! <3


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