Glasses and Butter Knives

Those are two ideas i had to reduce griefing.

The glasses would be made with glass and some kind of newcomen processed steel and would allow players to spot small items (like seeds, needles, or those tiny mechanical parts) and items behind trees more easily, by giving them a broad white outline that shines through other objects.
If possible they’d not count as a hat, but would have their own category (maybe accessory).

The butter knife would be add another step when using the steel file on a blank steel blade.
Blank steel blade > Blunt knife blade > Knife blade > Saw blade
It could be used for everything you currently need a knife for, but isn’t commonly used for griefing, like cutting and buttering bread, slicing cake etc., while the real knife could be safely guarded by the person who cares for the animals or by people who go on hunting trips.


I like to hide the key to my place. Wouldn’t this allow people to find the key and steal it?

Maybe the regular knife should be turned into a dagger.

uh nice idea. maybe lenses could be the first step. and with lenses you could make glasses, binoculars and microscopes.

and yes. the knife dosent look like cutlery. maybe it would be nice to have cutlery instead of this massiv knife.


They could make an exception for keys in particular. I was thinking about hiding tools and stuff.

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What if you’re hiding your own tools without malicious intent?

I like the butter knife idea, so there’s one knife just for wherever the dining place is and no one moves it to sheep pen. :slightly_smiling_face:


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