Hunger and starvation - Give your opinions for a possible balance change!

I feel like the game on MOBILE should have a hunger bar that lasts longer. Why do i think so? Well the thing is that on mobile its harder to grab what you’re aiming to grab, in other words you mess up alot. For example when i am running towards a food source i allways grab something i dont need. And that process repeats over and over again. I know that there is a tap and hold method to run, but grabbing and eating food is sometimes a challenge too. I often put the food in my backpack or place it on the ground.

So a minior buff to the hunger bar would be a great improvement, in my opinon. Especially the first 3-4 squares. Since dying of starvation is super common on mobile than on PC.

Feel free to leave your opinions.

Agreed. In fact, each food square lasts two seconds longer in OHOLm than in OHOL, regardless of body temperature. Mobile is a more casual platform, so we think this makes sense and is a better adaptation than using the exact same values as OHOL for desktop.

Do you think this is enough, or are you suggesting a bigger number per square?

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I’ve also noticed that clothing almost doesn’t affect your body temperature at all, for all i know i might be tripping.

Im not sure how big or small of a buff the hunger bar needs. I feel like we need more opinions from more players, and buff it based of of what the community thinks.

I’d suggest you make a post where people tell their thoughts and opinions, and go on from there.

It does, but not as much as a fire or a few tiles of desert does. You have to have multiple clothes items to make a big diff.

Let’s just use your topic here. I have moved it to the appropriate category.

Others, please join the discussion!


How long does one food square last?
Edit: I think the hunger bar should get about 30%+ duration buff.
The reason why i thnk so is because the recently born family called “Awsome” had 28 deaths (9 generations i think). 20 of these deaths were caused by starvation.

We can all agree that about 2/3 of the time we all die by starvation, and dropping these numbers would make the game more enjoyable and less stressful. I myself have been in many situations where im doing something and im constantly having to eat, which makes the game alot more of a slow phase game. In other words you cant get much done in a lifetime.

I think it would be cool to have first 4 squares las a bit longer because as you said we mess up a bit so if we mess up we wont have enoufgh time to survive but if you make every square last longer that is joust silly and stupid because then farming wouldn’t be so nesseceary

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Usually more than half of the villagers farm, it would be more enjoyable if we could also do something else while farming at the same time.

I think we either should buff the hunger bar or buff farming (growth speed)

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If growth speed is faster we need to farm all the time i would put growth speed slower

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Intresting… a couple of thoughts of mine,

  1. This seems like it can be a “get good” moment. (Even tho I still drop stuff too)
  2. I do agree with maybe a buff to clothes. Seems to take at least 2 pieces of clothes before you get a visual affect to your temperature meter, then it goes baby blue. (Adding more doesn’t affect your temperature meter that I can tell) However, you can’t stand on fire or a desert tile because it goes orange and your food drains faster. (If you have more/full clothes it goest fire orange color) I like the icon for temperature but I can’t read it and I have been playing for like a month now. There seems to be dark blue for cold, light blue for ehh, green for perfect, orange for hot, and orange red for GTFO!

Side note, I was gen 1! I’m always Greg Awsome if I’m the eve! I was going for the longest gen line but far as I can tell everyone starved at gen 12…

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You might be right, growth speed would mess things up. Increasing the hunger bar or making the hunger squares last longer is what OHOL mobile needs.

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Yeah, I’ve died so many times, either because lag (suddenly down 3-4 boxes at one time) or because trying to pick up an item or drop an item. Very frustrating.

I was apart of the last generation of Awesome, so many people were there and then all were gone…it was creepy how many starved. I think lag was part to blame bc more than one person commented lag.

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@Leesa @DodoWild
So all in all we agree that the hunger bar should get a decent buff. I bet you there are alot more testers out there thinking the same.

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I am used to the version on pc so i dont think the food is very hard on mobile tbh, bu i comprehend that not eveyrone likes the game that hard.

I am not against a food buff tbh. Im not gonna get annoyed over the fact that others want to enjoy the game more. C:

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Make us 1st gen stew and we’re all happy :wink:

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First gen stew is fun to do
What is less fun is to see your children unable to forage and die

Remember kids. Dead people cannot eat stew

Can ghosts eat stew?


I tried