Idea of new food - Bean curd (Tofu / 豆腐)

There are a great many derived foods in bean products!

Also an interesting ideas I saw in a Chinese Forum~
I contacted the author (named 灰姑娘) and discussed the details with her~
And then I made 4 pictures below.

She became very expansive while talking about making toufu :smile:, coz people in her hometown all are very good at it~

(1)Tool - Millstone

(2)4 kinds of bean products

*less steps than the real process

(4)Millstone can be use for other food (grain, etc.)


That sounds amazing. I would say it would be cool if we could use 2 buckets on the raw and finished soy milks to get them out instead of 8 bowels.

Also make it so that the finished soy milk could be used as an alternative for normal milk in recipies like the cake.

Using buckets is a good idea~~~~

Sounds yummy…!
I love to eat these in real.
And of course in this game, it will be fun!