Idea of Truck, Plow and Tractor

My friend PieSlayer has some good ideas.
I helped her to post these ideas cuz she’s not on forum.

We can use wooden truck to load more stuff (around 6-8)
Or make steel plates by Newcommon hammer for truck.
We can make glass bottles/jar in game, perhaps adding glass panels as the windows of trucks.

(2)Using Plow to plough
Glad we have some new tech to help farming, like watering can and wheelbarrow.
Maybe we can let farming more advanced.
a. Buffalo/Bison with plow

b. Hand plow

c. Small hand tractor

d. Tractor chisel plow



really like ur truck idea.
ive always wanted to carry things more than 4…
hope the truck can carry more than 8!

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I loveeee these omg

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