Ideas for Asian food

I looked at the new art for noodles and halve eggs, and it looked very good, since whe dont have a recept to make noodles and halve eggs, like i always do, i came up with some ideas.

- Chop sticks -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team: What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

These you will need for eating some of the Asian food.

To make chop sticks, use a flint chip on a short shaft.

- Ramen noodles -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team: What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

Noodles will be made by:

  1. Putting dough on a flat rock and use a long straight shaft,
    making spread dough on flat rock (name change).
  2. Use a knife for cold noodles on flat rock.
  3. Use a bowl for cold noodles in bowl.
  4. Put a bowl of water in the bowl.
  5. Put that on hot coals to get noodles!
- Halve eggs -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team: What's cooking in the developers' kitchen? / 開発チームは今何を?

  1. Put a cold goose egg in simmering water on hot coals,
    to get a boiled egg.
  2. Now simpelly put it on a plate and use a knife.

As seen in the art made by Christoffer and the team,
there also halve eggs with noodles. Just put the halve eggs
in the bowl and ur done!

- Rice -

Rice is the base for meny Asian food, so this is important.

Rice plants are found in the swamp biome and the jungle biome.
The top is cut by using a flint chip.
Then remove the top and use a bowl for bowl of uncooked rice.
Put it on hot coals for cooked rice.

- Sushi -

I think 99% of the people that need to say an Asain food say ‘sushi’, so i think whe need a recept for some nice sushi.

  1. Collect seaweed (Maybe found at oceans? (Island event) Dont know where you can find it yet) and put it on a plate.
  2. Collect a bowl of rice (look up) and put it on the seaweed for blank sushi.
  3. Put things in the sushi like:
  • Crab (found in oceans?)
  • Cucumber
  • Meat
  • Omelet
- Pot and corn oil -

A pot is used for cooking various things.

You make a pot by combining a wet clay bowl and a piece of clay.

Corn oil is a oil that can be used for frying some food, like spring rolls.

  1. Put corn in a bowl.
  2. Crush it with a round stone.
  3. Add a bowl of water.
  4. Pour the corn into another bowl for a bowl of corn kernels and a bowl of corn oil.
- Spring rolls -
  1. Put dough on a plate and spread it with a stone for spread dough on plate.
  2. Roll the dough by swiping up, righ, or left for uncooked spring roll.
  3. Put the spring roll in a bowl.
  4. Put the spring roll in bowl in a pot with oil using tongs.
  5. Put the pot on hot coals using tongs.
  6. Use tongs to get the bowl out.
  7. Put things in your spring roll, like:
  • Carnitas
  • Mashed carrots, mashed carrots and berries, and other combinations.
  • Beans
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber
- Dumplings -
  1. Swipe on dough on flat rock for a uncooked dumpling.
  2. Fill the dumpling with:
  • Meat
  • Vegtables
    If these things are added, you can cook the dumpling.
  1. Put the dumpling in a bowl of water.
  2. Cook it on hot coals.
  3. Eat the dumpling with chop sticks!

Wel, thats done. Maybe i will be adding some more in the future.


Very nice!

Made more Asian food ideas!

People generally don’t just eat rice.

Yes, i got that question from @leiyz allready. I know that, but i wanted to make a section just for rice becuase it had a lot of information and its the base for a lot of Asian food.


用灶台取代热煤(Hot Coals),这样使一些烹饪更加容易,也不容易受到打扰。

I think the basis of cooking should be the kitchen tool.I want to add the clay stove and iron pot.

It will replace Hot Coals in kitchen.Using firewood to make him work longer
such as ,Fri egg use pot


maybe can level up,add a Bellows,Make the fire longer


I think we already have clay stove and bellow . 我想说这两个工具好想有了. 如果你想的设计有点不一样的话,可以画給我看吗. If the design you think is a little different, can you draw for me to see.




I agree with this comment. There are a lot of Japanese in the game, and orientalism is very good for foreigners. I would like to see clothes, shoes, architecture, food, etc in the old Japanese style.