Ideas for Asian food

I looked at the new art for noodles and halve eggs, and it looked very good, since whe dont have a recept to make noodles and halve eggs, like i always do, i came up with some ideas.

- Chop sticks -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team:

These you will need for eating some of the Asian food.

To make chop sticks, use a flint chip on a short shaft.

- Ramen noodles -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team:

Noodles will be made by:

  1. Putting dough on a flat rock and use a long straight shaft,
    making spread dough on flat rock (name change).
  2. Use a knife for cold noodles on flat rock.
  3. Use a bowl for cold noodles in bowl.
  4. Put a bowl of water in the bowl.
  5. Put that on hot coals to get noodles!
- Halve eggs -

Also see the art made by Christoffer and the team:

  1. Put a cold goose egg in simmering water on hot coals,
    to get a boiled egg.
  2. Now simpelly put it on a plate and use a knife.

As seen in the art made by Christoffer and the team,
there also halve eggs with noodles. Just put the halve eggs
in the bowl and ur done!

- Rice -

Rice is the base for meny Asian food, so this is important.

Rice plants are found in the swamp biome and the jungle biome.
The top is cut by using a flint chip.
Then remove the top and use a bowl for bowl of uncooked rice.
Put it on hot coals for cooked rice.

- Sushi -

I think 99% of the people that need to say an Asain food say ‘sushi’, so i think whe need a recept for some nice sushi.

  1. Collect seaweed (Maybe found at oceans? ( Dont know where you can find it yet) and put it on a plate.
  2. Collect a bowl of rice (look up) and put it on the seaweed for blank sushi.
  3. Put things in the sushi like:
  • Crab (found in oceans?)
  • Cucumber
  • Meat
  • Omelet
- Pot and corn oil -

A pot is used for cooking various things.

You make a pot by combining a wet clay bowl and a piece of clay.

Corn oil is a oil that can be used for frying some food, like spring rolls.

  1. Put corn in a bowl.
  2. Crush it with a round stone.
  3. Add a bowl of water.
  4. Pour the corn into another bowl for a bowl of corn kernels and a bowl of corn oil.
- Spring rolls -
  1. Put dough on a plate and spread it with a stone for spread dough on plate.
  2. Roll the dough by swiping up, righ, or left for uncooked spring roll.
  3. Put the spring roll in a bowl.
  4. Put the spring roll in bowl in a pot with oil using tongs.
  5. Put the pot on hot coals using tongs.
  6. Use tongs to get the bowl out.
  7. Put things in your spring roll, like:
  • Carnitas
  • Mashed carrots, mashed carrots and berries, and other combinations.
  • Beans
  • Cabbage
  • Cucumber
- Dumplings -
  1. Swipe on dough on flat rock for a uncooked dumpling.
  2. Fill the dumpling with:
  • Meat
  • Vegtables
    If these things are added, you can cook the dumpling.
  1. Put the dumpling in a bowl of water.
  2. Cook it on hot coals.
  3. Eat the dumpling with chop sticks!

Wel, thats done. Maybe i will be adding some more in the future.


Very nice!

Made more Asian food ideas!

People generally don’t just eat rice.

Yes, i got that question from @leiyz allready. I know that, but i wanted to make a section just for rice becuase it had a lot of information and its the base for a lot of Asian food.

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I agree with this comment. There are a lot of Japanese in the game, and orientalism is very good for foreigners. I would like to see clothes, shoes, architecture, food, etc in the old Japanese style.