Island event

I was thinking about an new event. Because everyone is asking for oceans (lakes) and boats (, this event should come with it if it get releasd (it should).
Click on the arrow to read the parts of my idea. Its a bit big, but still intresting.


I was thinking about an event where you spawn as an eve, or an baby, on an island with about 100-150 tiles. The amount of eves is Made by the amount of islands, which needs to be a lot. A lot of teamwork is needed. No trees on the island? You cant travel for more (you can, click on ‘boats’) so thats no branches or trees. Its an confusing concept, and its pretty hard. No suicide babies, but limited room. Why not read some more?


First, Lets talk about oceans. Because the event come with boats and oceans, (if it gets added at least) i will talk about some things that wil fit in oceans. I think a oceans wil be an big lake, because the word ocean is an big word. Oceans are giantic, and they wont fit in the map. So its basicly ‘big lakes’. When water, you think about fishing. Just stand at the edge of an ocean (i am going to still call it ocean) and click on it with an fishing pole. Its the same to ice fishing, but you find other fish and things.
In a boat you can catch more special things, like new fish and treasures. And what about island? Just little island in the oceans, maybe to expanded if your town is on the edge of an ocean. Oh, and pretty logicaly, you get salt water from the ocean. With the event, it is an ocean. There is no land, only the islands. Further nothing changes.


Boats, thats what They say to. ‘Add oceans and boats! Add them!’ So Lets talk about that. Im not going to make an recipe, thats up to you. But i think there should be more boats, Like an canoe. They are easy to make, but They stink faster and are more slow. ‘Sink?’ ‘Oh no!’ Dont worry. Will be warned. The amount of tiles you go will be the counter for how fast your boat breaks. You start with an boat, after an while its an old boat. When it turns to an breaking boat, search for land! If not in time, it turns to an sinking boat. You cant go very far, and if you do that, nothing remains of the boat. You are in the middel of the ocean. All the food in your boat (there should be space for 2 baskets) is gone. Didnt make it to land in time? You die. If you reach the coast before you sink you can get out. When your boat is at the coast, click on an tile with no ocean to get out. An sinking boat is counting on time. You only have 30 seconds to reach land. An breaking boat you can destroy to get wood.

Hope this gets added! That would be cool. What do you think?

  • No boats, no oceans, no event.
  • Like the idea! Add it!
  • I dont like the event.

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Yes add it

Awesome idea!