Items that are too easy to grief

I think changing back to the same amount of adobe helps, also would be nice to make clay I have to travel so far for clay now on no kids server :sweat_smile:

Nice ideas @mia.a !

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Clay is actually formed by certain rocks breaking down chemically so i think the actual recipe would likely be something like round stones or flatstones being placed in some of that acid stuff for batteries but im not sure if its feasible irl to make artificial naturally formed clay.

Its actually really simple to make modeling clay irl although using salt cornstarch and wheat. But i don’t think modeling clay would be a realistic replacement for normal clay in adobe but im not sure either since i don’t know much about it lol


I haven’t done it in real life, so I don’t know if I can make clay this way.
Academically, it was [a sediment made of very fine particles], so I thought about an easy way to remove it from the soil.
As you say, it may be a way to grind the ingredients.

I thought about wheat clay, too.
I gave up that it was inferior in strength to the actual clay…

I don’t have much knowledge.
I want to ask if anyone knows a good way!