KARMA (Karma is a... you get it)

I have idea for the game and might as well write it down. The idea was simple, it’s about karma. Every good deeds and bad deeds in our previous lives will chase us in the next live. So if you are griever, your next life will be harder.

The Bad Deeds.
Every time we do something in the game, we will receive a point that will be saved as Bad deed (let’s called it a Sin). If we doing Sin, we get Sin point. If our Sin point reaches certain amounts, we will get karma. For example if our Sin point is 10, we will get karma in our next life. Sin point is permanent, it will not reset to zero. So every each of our next lives we will get karma, until we reduce our sin by doing some good things (which will be talked about it later).

If we do the following activities, we will get Sin Points:

  1. Killing someone.
  2. Abandoning baby.
  3. Waking up a bear from the cave.
  4. Get curse by someone.

The Good deeds
The Sin Point will not reset to zero during each life, however we can reduce it by doing merit. Let’s called it Merit Points. Merit points can be gained by performing some activities. However, it would be harder to reduce Sin than making Sin. One sin point only can be reduced by 2 merit points. So to reduce 10 Sin point, we need to get 20 merit points.

Merit points can be gained using below activities:

  1. Kill a bear.
  2. Give full set of clothes to a baby (not only pants, but also shoes and clothes)
  3. Get “you are a good kid” from our mother.
  4. Someone burry our bones.
  5. Someone bless us.
  6. You’ll get cooldown time before rebirth to the next live

If a Sin reach 10, we will get karma. If a sin reach another 10, we will get double karma, and so on. Karma cannot be erase and will keep following us to every next of our lives, unless our Sin point get reduced.

Here’s a Karma someone could get. Karma will activate in our next lives.

  1. You get smaller foodbar.
  2. You can’t eat anything besides Berry, or you can only eat rare food.
  3. You don’t get Yum bonus.
  4. You’ll catch yellow fever every once a minute even though you didn’t get stunk by mosquitoes.

It just a quick idea, so i didn’t think what other activities can give you sin or merit points. And we need a better karma of course. Thanks for reading.

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