Lag, glitch or something else?

So I just bought the private server and private friend server. I really love the concept, but I’m having an issue which makes it really hard to play and almost unplayable. Aside from various lag spikes the problem is the character will become “stuck” at a certain spot. I can move, but it will almost immediately snap back to the same place. It lasts for up to 30 seconds sometimes. I’ve included a gif. Is this common? What is it? And can it be fixed or improved? I’m playing with a very fast internet connection, fibre optic. image

Who is your fiber optic provider?

Hey mate!

I’m with TPG on their premium plan… I get 40mb down actual speeds. Shouldn’t be that right?

There might not be any YAH servers in Australia, but maybe I’m wrong.

Hey yeah I know how latency works. Even with the servers in the USA I get 200 ms latency and it’s totally playable. The indicator says 250ms for private servers. Yet I’m getting latency that feels like 5000ms sometimes, which doesn’t make sense.

You’re getting gigabit speeds?

@Aussie Could you PM me an invitation to your friends server? I’d like to see if I can replicate your issue. Thanks!

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