More paints and dyes, part two

So carrying on from my last post let’s talk dyes let’s start of with natural and primary colors, now while we do have red and blue one color is missing, if you guessed yellow you would be correct, to make yellow dye you would use dandelion which would be added along with this un canon update and pluck it’s petals, this process is kind of like plucking the feathers from the turkey, and put the petals into the bowl(I also imagine dandelions to act similarly to milkweed changing in ripeness sometimes it’s fluffy and white which if you pick up the and drag it to to you mouth like food you can blow on it which will not only give you seeds but have a five percent chance of giving you something not as good as what the presents from Christmas gave you but more like a piece of clothing, some kind of food, a piece of iron, reed skirt, and more, I might make a topic about it) once you have a bowl full of yellow dandelion petals you can put it into the simmering dye water, now onto the natural colors, to make black dye you would take charcoal and put it on a flat rock then take a round stone and crush it into pigment then put in the dye water and for white you another new flower in the update (insert a white flower here) and cut it like indigo and guess what your going to put it in the furnace, jk your going to put it in the dye water, now to make other colors you add the ingredients of one color into the ingredients of another (this example is going to be peach)so to make the color peach you would first have to put the dandelion petals in to make it yellow, then you would add in the white flower bundle to make it a lighter yellow and then lastly add in a red to give it that orangey pinky look and you can make so many more combinations also you can add more of one colors ingredients to make it more your style example you want to make a pastel blue, well the blue is super deep so only adding in one indigo bundle and the white flower bundle would only make it a light blue but not quite pastel, so you add another bundle of white flowers.

  • I want more paints and dyes
  • I want more dyes
  • I want more paints
  • I’m good with what we already have

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