More paints and dyes

As you all know in the game you paint walls and dye wool clothes(also when will there be wool pants) and I’ve while I like it the way that it is I feel like we could go the extra mile and add more colors, first I will be discussing the paint cause it’s more simple then the dyes, so we already have the primary colors of paint red, yellow, and blue but what if we could mix them together to get more, to mix paints together you have to have at least three buckets make paint in too of them, in this example I’m using blue and yellow, now you pick up the yellow paint and pour it into the bucket, both buckets will only be half full, you can do it again if you want to change what bucket the paint is in, and then you take the blue paint and pour it into the bucket, the bucket will become unmixed blue and yellow paint in a bucket, to mix the paint together you will have to use a skewer, White paint would also be added but I don’t know how it would be made, anyways this post is getting to long so instead of adding the dyes in this post I’ll make another post.

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Ah i think white paint was added in the recent update for bricks. Although i dont know about what the recipe is.

I think it would be easier to handel if you could take a bowel of paint from the primary paint buckets (blue red and yellow) and mix them into a empty bucket to get new colors.

For example lets say each paint bucket has 4 bowels of paint in them. Take two bowels of blue and two bowels of yellow put them into a empty bucket and stir to make green paint.

1 blue and 3 yellow would make a lighter color.
3 blue and 1 yellow would be a darker colour like a purple shade

Black could be 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 red , and a charcoal piece in a bowel of water.

There could even be much lighter shades of paint using a mix of wite paint and primary paints. Like making various shades of pink mixing red with white.

Also I’m not making part two because I was making it but I ended up closing out of safari to check something and when I came back all of my progress was gone

Nvm I didn’t lose my progress and boy am i glad I didnt

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