More things for cars

  1. Car roads. Basicly roads hardened (i dont know how yet, maybe you can spread a special mixture on 10 roads?) with plaster added which speed the car. Animals get killed if a car hits it and then the car stops.
  2. Attenna. Make a special tracking device with a short, medium or long atenna. Put the same on the car and the device with a short attenna tracks the car with a short attenna, the device with a medium attenna the car with a medium attenna, etcetera. Cars are hard to make and if someone steals one and rides it to nowhere you can at least find it back.
  3. Add more wood to a car to add an extra seat.

Maybe concrete and asphalt can be added?

Maybe when you first upgrade the car to give it an antenna, it’s short at first, but you can upgrade it to medium with more materials and then long (also with more materials).

I also think I’d be cool if the antenna also acted as a radio so you could communicate with a receiver or maybe even a handheld receiver while in the car. The longer the antenna is (short, medium, and long), the farther you can go and still communicate with a receiver (if you go too far depending on how long the antenna is, you won’t be able to communicate with a receiver and all you’ll hear is static).

Wood is too uncomfortable. Maybe another material instead?

A seat for infants and young children would be really nice too (as an upgrade). If the special seat is empty and if the driver is female and has a baby, the baby will automatically sit in the special seat.

Overall, these ideas would make cars so much greater! We need a car update @Christoffer! :oncoming_automobile:

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Attena’s are allready in game for radio’s, but i thought another use whould be handy. One time two cars where stolen and they ended in the middle of nowhere. Thats such a waste of materials. A radio could be handy to, if you get lost maybe someone else can help. You just carry the device and talk with the one in the car. And maybe you can just add the same materials as a radio to the car after adding the attenna.

Yeah, I’m suggesting the developers rework the antenna system for cars.

Honestly I want a plane. Cars have limited space to be use for something useful. They also run out of fuel and we will leave them behind.

The planes in ohol are pretty useless too to be honest. They run out of fuel after a trip or two and can only fly between already built landing strips. But those landing strips degrade far to fast to be usefull for a civilization. Not to mention our server populations are to low for it to be usefull and easily built unless its on the jp servers.

Also because it only sends one person the airplane would just be abandoned at wherever the pilot goes and the only real use of it would to be for a fertile girl to fly to a dead city.

I think trains would be cool or railcars. Where you had to build the track all the way to another town. And people could go back and forth as long as they had a fuel source.

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They can be very useful for meta gaming actually. An eve can just do enough to build a landing strip to get to the place they need to. Just plaster and flat rock in less than a life. I think its game breaking actually.

What about handcars for fast travel?