My ideas warehouse

I’ll stack my ideas here

  1. “ let we get some ‘ Fun’!” (Finish)
    2.chair,high chair and baby food
    3.Art of communication:sculpture,and try to write on the ground!
    To be continue
    P.S.So far, I’ve only written a few ideas, so I’ll keep updating them later

Part 1:“Let we get some ‘FUN’!”
FUN, this is the abbreviation of Forced UserName.I found it at the post of Shnappers.I always thought it was a good idea,but still have something missing.So,l write that.
Here are some basic rules:
1.FUN is unique, and it couldn’t be changed by uninstalling the game.
2.At first, people can’t know the FUN of other people.
3.But eve can know that.

But when eve died, people will have a chance, her children will know where she died(it would make her look like a home maker). Then try to make an altar out of her body.

Eve can also rebirth at the altar(eve spawn will be change)

That was mean, eve will always need feed her children to get the chance of rebirth, if she don’t do that, she will lose her spawn.


A very good idea. Nice

Explain my ideas
I’ve been thinking about eve,thinking about what they should do, finally,I found my answer: I think eve can be a designer,i know there are so many player who can do a lot of thing,but if i say,you don’t need do all the thing ,you just need tell your children what you want them do,
does that make it easier for you to accept?

Now,our communication mechanisms are too inefficient,we can only communicate by typing,but this is limited by the disadvantages of mobile:when l type, l can’t know the answer of other people if I try to type a long sentence.So,how about we add more expressions?That’s one point:Art of communication,It aims to communicate through sculpture, writing on the ground .

And then there’s the one I’ve got,FUN, thought this vision,we can see what those players have done before to choose if you
want them join.Yes, I think abandon children is reasonable,it is just an action,the important thing is why did you do that.For example,if a mom ride a wagon in the wilderness,she is so far from the home,and then she got a baby,what should she do?Which do you think is more important, the wagon or the child?I think the answer is obvious.The same goes for murder,A knife is just a tool,it can be used to kill someone and also can be used to do some bread,It just depends on who’s using it and how it’s used. So, maybe we can play without restrictions,because FUN is our own weapon,it will never be used by the griefers.