OHOL Discord!

If anyone is interested in joining a discord for OHOL send me a friend request and I’ll invite you!

Shannon #9340


This is our link, it’s not set to expire.


I’m already in it.


Come join us. We have gambling addictions here… Oh wait i mean we have cookies… No thats not what im sapossed to say either. Ahem i mean come join us over at the fellowship of ohol. It can be a relaxing place to talk in realtime about your lifes in ohol or were you can gamble (fake money) away your frustrations after a particularly frustrating life.

Theres room for both the experianced player and the novice. If your struggling to survive in the game come join us and we can give you some personal advice and hints. If your a player who prefers learning everything by yourself dont worry you can Just enjoy the chatrooms.

By joining us youll be able to say when your playing and you might run into another member in game alowing you to work together as a team… Or wage war on each other if thats your thing. Oh and ill be less likely to sacrifice you to the snowmen :unamused:

Come play with us.


Game is more fun since i joined the fellowship!! Great team of players :+1: