Questions about Eves

The game says “If you spawn as an Eve and die at age 60, you will respawn there
However, I have questions:

  1. Can you respawn at your town if somebody is living there?

  2. Can you respawn 2 times in your town in a day or is there a limit?

  3. Sometimes I have spawned to the east/west of my town, is that supposed to happen?

  4. I have often spawned in villages which I didn’t create. Why?

And the last question,
5. Do you need a home marker to respawn?


This is only if you spawn as an Eve again. In most cases, you will be born as a baby.

Your questions 1-5 have different answers for Eve spawn vs getting born as baby, but since the topic clearly says Eve, I will stick to that.

  1. Yes
  2. No limit for Eves
  3. Yes, there is a spawn radius and you can spawn anywhere inside it
  4. You were randomly put where someone else had built before
  5. No

Hope this helps!


kk thank you

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