Raspberries and ways they could be used more suggestion

You should be able to do more with them. One thing is that you should be able to make raspberry pie just like gooseberries. Another one is being able to eat them from the bowl, not just grabbing them out and eating them.


Good idea. We should also be able to combine blueberries in pies. Like Raspberry + Blueberry pie. Or a berry mix pie, with all berries combined in one pie.


And i want an ability to remove blueberry tree


The main problem is griefers will be able to remove too

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:thinking: but what is the problem is they can remove? After all, all other plant can be removed, including gooseberry… I mean i think this cannot be a major problem of griefers.


Cactus can’t be removed, gooseberries can be replanted with seeds. Maybe make it hard to remove? What’s the main reason you want to remove? Road building?

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Exactly, road building. Right now i have road connected from north-west corner to south-east corner with horizontal and vertical road for more than 15 min walk on road.
I will be very happy if i could remove blueberry ,:smiley:

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This was in a previous thread too, you can join the conversation.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I move there