Should Gooseberries work differently on Private servers than on public ones?

Splitting the two discussions so we don’t mix them up. This thread is to discuss behaviour on private servers.

Read the background in the first post in this topic: Why the gooseberry bushes got nerfed

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I must wonder how many of the private server players consider the paly on private server a survival game. As a survival game, I agree that huge gooseberry field is hindering the core of the game and, on top of everything, it doesn’t look nice and useless, except when briefer brings bear to the village which is rather rare occasion. I wish you understand my point and give it a thought about the difference of the purpose of playing the game on multioplayer server and private server. According to what I think, they are entirely different(I am aware some of the players on multiplayer server plays as if it is private server, thanks to less number of players on certain servers and rebirth marker)


The private servers use the same code and content as the public ones, with some exceptions. It is possible that a change in behaviour for these bushes could be pushed into one of those exceptions. I will have to think about it and consult with the team.

I agree with you that the purpose for the private servers is mainly to build - not to play a survival challenge. So your point is correct.


A new update is being deployed now (Improvements on update 2.20.0 / バージョン2.20.0についての改善). Bushes will now never disappear (unless a player removes them).

Could you please try it out and let me know if you think this is good enough from the private server perspective? Thanks.