Solution to mothers who abandon babies on purpose

I’m very sorry, but the words of the delusion are true.
I also said that Main Town will be mainly attacked.
They said playing on the No-Kids server sucks.

After these conversations, they didn’t want any more conversations.

Thanks for trying to convince them :slightly_smiling_face:, too bad they didn’t want to listen.

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Hmm true if there are more mothers who abandon the baby’s it’s easy to get penalty. I wish they would play on the no kids Server. It’s best solution for solo players. They just have to go far from the main town and put a rebirth maker there. Maybe there should be a way for eves to curse their children once so they die if they grief. Just an idea. Maybe a cursed child can’t be reborn to the same mother for 24 hours or something but doesn’t goes to donkey town. Instead it can be reborn. Just an idea. She would kill the child with one curse and doesn’t have to get it again, the child has no penalty but has the chance to get born somewhere else. It’s more like blocking a character. Same should be possible for children if the mother doesn’t take care, the child could curse the mother but would kill himself instead. This should be possible until the age of 3. No penalties for anybody, just blocking.


If they don’t use the No-kids server, we need Christoffer’s help.
They are now maliciously cussing or stabbing people who disagree with them. Furthermore, they do the same to unrelated players.

When we are born to them, we are voted into exile and stabbed, but we cannot resist. We don’t want to be born to them, but we don’t have a choice…

And they don’t try to compromise with us.
Also, they are angry outside as well as inside the game…


I think the main reason a lot of players go solo is because of griefers, so first thing should be lower the impact of griefing and make it easier to punish the griefers. Then it’ll be easier to convince players to play with others. On the other hand there should be a benefit of going solo on no kids server that’ll attract solo players more.


That’s right. There’s always griefers at the end of the problem.

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I agree, the only reason I have thought about going solo lately is griefers. Now that there is the ability to play on the no children server the other reasons don’t bother me anymore.
If I only want to play for a little while or for half a life, I go on the no child server, but griefers still make me want to play solo sometimes. The reason I haven’t yet is it is fun to play nice with others and you lose the community on solo.