Stone quarries and building fishing stock ponds suggestion

Smashing dug up boulders with a sledge hammer to get round stones.
1 boulder would equal a full stack of round stones.

Stone Quarries- That give large queried stone which could then be turned into multiple flat stones with a chisel (mostly for headstones and roads) or be crushed to make round stones and gravel (gravel roads would be nice). To make a stone quarry could be digging a pit then using a ladder on it followed by using a pickaxe on it (breaks the pickaxe for ballance) . Then you would be able to pull queried stones from the quarry like you would iron from an iron mine. After it runs out you would have to build another one.

Fish Stock Ponds - you could remove the ladder from the exhausted quarry making a Deep pit which would then require two or more buckets of salt water to fill. Once full you could fill it with fish.

Fish get a small timer to transition from live fish to dead fish. Live fish could be placed in a bucket of salt water in order to be transported.

Fish stock ponds would act similar to the normal fishing holes (no non fish items and can be over fished which makes it require more live fish) but could be built in much more convenient places. After a long time a full stock pond can become an ancient stock pond (allows random items and fishpond cant be depleted anymore do to their established ecosystem)

Sledge hammer- put two hot steel together then hammer to make sledge hammer head. (Could just be call large steel ingot incase it might be used for something else to at some point)

Gravel roads- yet another road suggestion lmao. So yah basically a road just like the others but doesn’t fully replace the tile its placed on (has patches showing through it) would be nice if it had at least 3 variants to so that it wouldn’t be just a repeating pattern (im imaging a road that blinds in with the environment a bit more than the other roads)

Maybe the road could start out as full tiles then changes to “Old gravel road” after a certain time. It would give different movement buffs depending on the state of it. Could be restored to new by simply adding new gravel.



In an long living town sometimes it gets hard to find stones, because of all the buildings already built. Sometimes you have to travel real far to get stones. So i was thinking about boulders. Maybe there could be a boulder made out of 10 piece of stones. With a pickaxe you could cut out stones piece after piece.


I think it would be hard for them to fit ten stones on one tile they could probably do 5 to six though and keep it looking good

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I had the same idea with a fish pond only from a more decorative angle, where you could put fish in water filled ditches for storage. I think it could be really cool looking with a fish animations especially in an advanced city but maybe I’m asking for too much :sweat_smile:
Also the stone quarry is a great idea. It’s real tough getting lots of flat rocks because you have to go farther and farther to get more of them and they don’t fit in baskets.