The question of nudity

A few thoughts (sorry I haven’t read every post)

  1. You can’t tell what gender a baby is by appearance with or without nudity. A Mum can when she clicks on the child to feed - so can name appropriately anyway. And people might just be looking to see their own gender to suicide. IE be male so you don’t have to deal with babies

  2. Could you release 2 apps. One with optional nudity and one with no nudity and play on the same server so you arent diluting community


Crazy that they would put an 18 rating on this game :joy: I feel it will lose a bit of its artsy feel but you have to do what you think is best.

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There is already an option to turn off nudity.

You could just have in the keyboard typing area name your boy
Name your girl
Easy enough and fair to all?

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