Update 1.15.0 is out today

try the new update, and I really think the new update can make use of the pork and the yew branch (chopsticks are made from yew branch too), thx for the new items. also, the newcomen foundation can remove with bare hands, that’s incredible !

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Idk if it’s just an Apple issue but my IPad still hasn’t offered me to update via the US App Store.

Nope , no update .

You guys who have received the update, do any of you have an iPhone, or do all of you have android devices? If you have an iPhone and have received 1.15.0, in which country is your AppStore? I am attempting to contact Apple, and this information would be very helpful.

i am using andriod

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I’m using an iPad.

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Me to, its realy not working yet. Bye bye eve spawn :joy:

im also using an ipad. no update available in the app store.

I’m using Android, XP just letting people know in case it isn’t working

It hasn’t popped up in updates yet

I think it just turned up on the US AppStore like two minutes ago.

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Any idea why I can no longer access US beginner server after the update? :thinking:

That server is still on the old version, so players who haven’t updated yet still have somewhere to play. It will be updated a bit later today.

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Thanks! Loving the update!

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I saw some new items make us confused. Boiled egg; if you have it the feed button appears but we can’t eat it. Half of boiled egg; when you eat it, it shows up on header that “卵半分を食べた" means “Ate a half of a raw egg” in Japanese. “半分に切ったゆで玉子を食べた” is appropriate.
Besides, it’s good if we can remove an item in a bowl or a crock.

Newcomen blocks can now be removed. But plus the branches can’t be removed.So this change is not useful.

Its still very useful. Now if a griefer wants to block something they have to put in a minimal of 5 times the effort to do it.

The fellowship was having war with some griefers who were blocking all our doors with a single newcoman block and we had to out pace them by building new exits to our city. Now all our doors are free again lol

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Thanks for the feedback. I will look into it.

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if the branches are chop with axe like Y shape, you can remove the yew branch and the base can be remove again