Why i can not put the update?

Because i can not put

There was an issue with Google play, so it will take awhile. They are working on it.

PLZ they have to be fast!

I am having the same issue, thanks for your info.

They worked on it as fast as they could, it’s still up to GooglePlay on how fast it will be released. They are really sorry about this situation.

I’m waiting too, my phone is also android.

We can still play on the weekend event and some of the servers while waiting. :slight_smile:

Np, I’m just doing my job :blush:

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I’m having the same issue. Thanks for devs hardwork for fixing this problem. I’ll try to be patient.

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Google demanded we remove all mention of One Hour One Life in the description, because it violated their meta data policy. I appealed it, but to no avail. Now the descriptions are changed on Google Play and the update is out. Have fun!