2.5.0 user found bugs and sugestions

Raspberry in bowel doesnt count as food like berry bowels. (Dont care so much about the food bonuse just a bit unusual almost starved the towns last girl trying to feed her raspberry bowel)

Two straight branches cant be carried in the carts.

I noticed wild blueberrys were desynced from each other in the mountain biome (not sure if intentional)
What i mean is that some where flowering while others were not.

Ill post any other things i find here .3.

I also found bug on the bookcraft.
A shovel to cut cakes?


Visual bug carrying skined rabbit crockpots:

If you pick up a crock pot of skined rabbits the picture of the ravbit kinda falls of the side while carrying it.

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This is by design

Also by design

This desync can happen if you “look at” a plant, then go away for more than one season before coming back and “looking at” it again, because of the decay system only being able to “take one step” of time decay at a time, no matter how long you have been away. We are checking into if we can make the system a bit smarter.

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Fixed for next release

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There was an animation on the rabbit sprite which shouldn’t be there. Fixed for next release.

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A stump might disappear when you are trying to chop off the goose head. ( just cut the tree down less than 3 minutes) it is not happening every time when you are doing it but It still happens occasionally.

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Looking at this bug now. It seems that it is more likely to happen close to biome boundaries, so it may be the code that forces animals to remain inside a biome that interferes with the transition logic.

Thanks for the video, @konkon , that’s very helpful.


We found the reason for the Goose problem. If the Goose can’t run straight away from the closest person because the tile on the other side has a blocking object in it or because the biome is wrong, it will replace the stub if either 1. There are no other possible directions to run, or 2. the stub is blocking movement (and it does, since 2.5.0). Seems Jason had “fixed” problem 2 by making the stub non-blocking, but that could lead to animals being able to run away from a pen. We have now found a solution that should take care of both 1 and 2 without having to make the stub non-blocking. It will be part of the next update.


All of these issues have been taken care of in 2.6.0 which is coming this week.

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