2 eve inn incident

Hullo - I played in star family in 2 eve inn. We had a player who kept giving commands and being rude, then demanding to be buried. She started freaking out and banned my sis because they said “no”. I have to say she was a new player and didn’t get why she wanted to be buryied in the first place. I was about to bury her, but got scared that she might try to lilyspawn here as some things she said were just suspicious. Because she started badly harrasing everybody, using horrible slurs and making fun of vulnerable ppl, i want to ask you to please - if you’re ever in town, ban 1422341. And again I want to call out for moderation of this game and the chronicles, it’s horrible that people are able to wite sh*t like this and it doesn’t ever get deleted. You have minors playing this game, and yes, people with disabilities or mental issues too, who don’t deserve to be confronted with comments like that. Can we do something about this please? @Christoffer

tw self harm, suicide…

edit: i flagged the entries after screenshots

You should use the flag button on messages that you think should be censored. If enough players do it, the message will be hidden.
It’s similar to banishing in that it requires a couple of votes (flags in this case) for it to happen.

A person who writes stuff like the above, what can they be like in real life? If it were possible, I would ban them from ever playing any of our games again.


Same, I was so shocked someone even put those words together.

Thank you for your quick answer! It was a little family including some new players - so we struggled to get enough votes. I think that’s an issue we often have with the banning system, where no matter how awful somebody behaves, if there’s only 4 people on the server and one of them is “griefing”, the ban has no impact. Or even backfires, when they end up as the last girl of the family and you can’t get reborn while they cause damage.

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